Hello from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you for your continued faithful prayers and financial support for our ministry for Christ. After twenty years in Papua New Guinea (PNG), God has led us to the USA to continue our labor for Him here. We are in the midst of transition from a ministry based in PNG to a ministry based in the USA.

Thank you also for your prayers for our physical needs. We are doing well and have no new changes to report about for now. Praise the Lord!

Our mission, ABWE, is wanting us to officially change our field of work from Papua New Guinea (PNG) to the USA. This will require the ABWE Board to approve this change at their November meeting. The Board has recently voted to extend our furlough for six months for us to raise some additional support.

During our transition time, due to our physical requirements, there have been seven churches that have chosen to stop supporting our ministry. This has left our financial support requirement to be lacking about $575 per month.

We are now in the process of contacting you, our present supporters, about our need of additional support. Asking you for additional support is something that we have never needed to do, since we left for the field twenty-one years ago. God has always provided us with 100% of the support that we have needed.

We have prayerfully scheduled meetings with five new churches in Minnesota. Maybe this is God’s answer for some, or all, of our present support needs. Please pray about this with us. We rejoice knowing that God is providing for all our needs.

We have completed the initial requirements that Bibles International (BI) has given us to do, editing the Pidgin Bible translation work. BI is now in the process of making changes to their translation work, and the translation team, before we can proceed and further. Several New Testament books have already been translated by the team. Please pray for the BI Translation Team in PNG. Praise the Lord for the wisdom that He is giving in this important task of translating the Word of God.

We are scheduled to be a part of a Vacation Bible School the third week of July. Thank you for your prayers as we minister to these children.

Being faithful,
Steve and Sandy