Question at a local school:

A question came up in one of our recent sessions: “Do we have to promise to be good before God will save us?” The unanimous reply from both classes was, “Yes!” This is just one of the ingrained ideas that we seek to explain to these precious children. They are heavily indoctrinated by teachings from legalistic religious groups. Your prayers will be appreciated as we attempt to clearly yet emphatically share the truths of God’s Word! Please be praying too on where we go from here when we finish the 10 evangelistic lessons in The Lamb book. It is hard to know how much each child individually is really understanding as we have only about 30 minutes once a week contact with each class. We’re being permitted to read at the school to help the children learn English (not “religious instruction”) so we proceed with dependence on God’s leading in our choices of materials to share. Thanks for praying with us for His wisdom and direction for this ministry.

Meet the newest member of our Wednesday Bible study group !!!!

Fellow missionary Heidi got a desperate call from Meta one morning – could she please come NOW and take her to the hospital! They barely made it to the labor ward, and once there, found all the delivery beds were full. Kody made his appearance on an overflow bed in the hall while Meta continually apologized for causing so many hassles for all involved. We’re all loving this tiny addition to our Wednesday get-togethers. Maili is adjusting to having competition for her Mama’s attention. Do join us in prayer for Meta and other young mothers like her who desire to train up their children according to biblical standards, yet whose husbands prefer the traditional “let the kids rule the roost” style of parenting.

Malaumanda Bible Dedication:

After getting to attend the Waxe Bible Dedication service in April I thought my travels for the year were done. I was totally but very  pleasantly amazed when I was invited to attend yet another Bible dedication last month, this one at Malaumanda where the son (and family) of my former co-workers have ministered these last several years. My former co-workers, John & Debbie Hutteman were on hand so that made the venture extra special too!

An additional highlight of attending this service was getting to meet some of the Malaumanda and Bisorio literacy teachers. Please do pray for the tribal literacy programs as God brings them to your mind. Being able to read, and read well, is vital to being able to study God’s Word for oneself. The teachers who take on this task see it as God’s assignment for them to carry on the work of the church and help draw others closer to our Savior. Literacy programs usually run 4-6 months – and that is a long daily commitment for those who live hand to
mouth. Whether they are gardeners or hunters & gatherers, these literacy responsibilities take a big chunk out of their days. Pray for faithfulness to the task God has committed to them, patience and wisdom as they help children and adults go from being totally illiterate to reading at a comprehension level that they can understand the deep truths of God’s Word, and for opportunities for them to see God at work in and thru their lives as they invest themselves to help strengthen individual believers and thus the local church.

It’s now June and I’m on my 2nd short term stint covering the “must do” finance duties. My first fortnight payroll was a total disaster. Fast & furious onset malaria left everyone but me scrambling to figure out how to submit the workers time card hours to the main office while I leisurely lay around praying the pesky parasites in my blood would hurry up and die. God answered — they complied. Back at work the next morning I was raring to go and fill our workers pay packets – but e-mail & internet connection issues blocked getting the pay info back from hdq. Fellow missionary Tim had to hobble over to the office on his crutches to finagle wires on modems to figure out which system was working at that particular hour of that day. We would have had some very disgruntled Wewak workers had fellow missionaries not been able to stand in the gap for me.

They are SOOOOOOO greatly appreciated! All ended well. Just as I finished sealing the final wage envelope the first of our employees arrived to pick up their pay. I’ll spare you further details of the whole fiasco but will appreciate your prayers tremendously! I’m only doing a few of the numerous tasks involved with keeping the finance side of things working and have tons yet to learn. Thankfully Beth will be back June 18th and I can only hope the pile of “I don’t know what to do with this” stack of stuff doesn’t avalanche before that date!

Suffice it to say, we are rather a motley crew these days. As mentioned before LABORERS ARE NEEDED !!!! especially out in the “places where people still sleep in mosquito nets” as the Iwam would say regarding themselves and other people who live at the “ends of the earth.” Pray for additional folks from the more privileged areas of the world to have a vision for those who have never heard a clear presentation of the Good News of Jesus in their own mother tongue. Pray for those who have no portion of God’s Word in their heart language, and thus no clear understanding of their lost condition before God and His provision of our Savior. The age old adage remains forever true — Where there is no vision, the people perish. Please, please pray with us on behalf of these tribal folks who without Christ have no hope.

My sincere thanks to you for your part in keeping me here and involved in the work God has committed to our care. It is my privilege to be your representative to these dear people of Papua New Guinea. When you meet some of them in heaven one day you will know you have had a part in giving them the chance to be there. Your part in His work here is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Co-laboring together with you for the King!

Hope Sharp