Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt, 

Daily, we meet people wherever we go. We are ready to ask them life’s most important question, “If you died right now, do you know for sure that you would go to Heaven?” We have a supply of these small tracts from Macedonia Gospel Publication that shows them how they can know for sure. If we are faithful in sowing and watering, God will give the increase. What plan have you used this week to share your faith in Christ with others?

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and financial support during our Home Ministry assignment. We are doing well and have started scheduling meetings and making plans for our time of reporting to you – our faithful supporters and hand holders in prayer.

Steve is officially finished with physical therapy following his two carpal tunnel syndrome surgeries. The doctor said that the two scars will continue to be painful for a while yet. Others who have had this type of surgery shared that their strengthening process took up to 1 ½ years. The numbness is still present in his right hand. It is like having your fingers-going-to-sleep-feeling 24/7. The surgeon said that it may take some time for the medial nerve to wake up. If it does not improve, he wants me to have another nerve test to insure that the nerve is not impinged in some other place.

Sandy’s eyes have not changed for the worse. Praise the Lord! She continues to require a 6-month check and a complete eye exam and field vision testing annually. She still deals with some degenerating discs in her spine. She rarely complains, but is limited on some physical activities.

We praise the Lord for the good health that He gives us daily. Sandy’s second opinion shows that she needs no further treatment at this time. Thank you for your continued prayers for Steve that no new spots of melanoma will show up.

There are no new developments with the man that Steve is counseling, who is in prison. He is due to be released for parole, again, at the end of this month. Please continue to pray that he would humble himself to higher authority and that he would be submissive to the Word of God.

We will be travelling to Maclean, VA for our ABWE mission’s annual Missionary Enrichment Conference, in July. Two weeks later we will be in our first missionary conference at Sheets Memorial Baptist in Lexington, NC. We look forward to reporting to each of you on what God has accomplished through our labors together for Christ.

Until then, we continue to listen for the trump!
Steve and Sandy