Pau is a Hawaiian word meaning finished or done. My mother Ellen Yunker was raised in Hawaii on the big island and during those years she learned to speak Hawaiian and Japanese. Last month mom fell suffering a broken shoulder and hip which resulted in her being transported to St. Peter’s hospital in Olympia where she spent the final week of her remarkable life. During her time in the hospital, we would give mom water and when her thirst was satisfied she would say, “Pau”. Her life on this earth is Pau but she has left behind a wonderful legacy. Please click on this link to see a history of her life.


Diann is continuing to help her mother and I remain occupied full time with the Connection Center. The ministry stays busy as I work with people from different walks of life and areas of the USA. So far this year the Connection Center team has processed over one hundred applicants to the NTM missionary Training Center Program, Interface program, Associate program and Volunteer program. At this point in
time 83 applicants have been accepted. We are thankful for these individuals who desire to serve the Lord in either full time or part time mission work. Please pray for more people to join the team effort of reaching remote people groups with the gospel!

The Tangguat people of Papua New Guinea are now hearing Bible lessons taught chronologically in their own language. Yesterday, they heard how God delivered the Israelites through the crossing of the Red Sea. Today, they are hearing how the Israelites complained in the desert, yet God cared for them and provided for them through His power and in His own way. Please pray for the missionaries that they
would be clear in their teaching and also for understanding and receptive hearts amongst the Tangguat.

Please accept our gratitude for your prayers and financial support as we continue to serve our Lord and Savior with New Tribes Mission.

Expanding the Reach,

Dave and Diann Yunker
NTM Connection Center