Dear family and friends,

Wow! Do I have some great news to share with you. A week or so ago I was talking with one of the retired residents here at NTM Homes. Linda was telling me about the different Bible dedications that have been happening in Papua New Guinea lately. The most recent one was on May 22nd. The team working with the Abau people group completed the New Testament and had a huge Bible dedication celebration to mark the special occasion. Not so long ago this happened among the Waxe people group. Then there was the Bagwido and Bises as well. The Dom New Testament is in the last stages of formatting and printing. The Kumon team finished with their final checks of the New Testament just a couple weeks ago.

Translation of the Scriptures is quite an involved process. Some of these teams first moved into the tribal location twenty or thirty years ago. A number of them began their work when Brad and I were ministering in the country of PNG. Missionaries would come out to the mission center to see the doctor at our medical clinic, come for language, culture, or translations checks, visit their children who were attending the mission school, or just for a vacation. They would stay at our guest house and enjoy the beautiful highlands weather and have a relaxing time away from the 24/7 job among the people whom they loved and ministered to. When they came to Numonohi, they would often put their children into our school for a few days. It was a joy to have these little ones joining my kindergarten class. Of course the parents would stop by the finance office, and Brad would help them out with their financial questions. These names that I have mentioned above may just be names to you, but missionaries who worked so hard at building relationships, learning the language, and bringing the good news of the gospel to these unreached people groups are people that we personally know. They now have established churches with ordained elders in leadership. Many of the missionaries have phased out of the work and have given it entirely over to mature believers. This is why I say that it is great news! You will meet these believers in heaven someday. Please rejoice with us. May He receive all the praise and glory.

Brad and I will be leaving in a few days to go to Indiana and Maryland to visit family and friends. We are glad that we can take a short break and get away from our daily ministries and have a time of refreshment and a change of pace. We are planning to visit some churches in the area as well. We are looking forward to seeing folks that we have not seen for a number of years. Since we are now on home staff here at NTM Homes in Sanford, Florida, we are no longer allotted time for furlough or what is now called home assignment. We have jobs to do and need to plan for folks to fill in for us while we are away from our daily work responsibilities. We are allowed so many days a year for vacation and partnership development. This is always a major part of our trips up north.

We would appreciate your prayers for us.

  • Please pray that we will have sweet times of fellowship with our families and friends these next couple of weeks.
  • Please pray for safety on the roads as we travel several thousand miles.
  • Please pray for the believers in the above mentioned locations. Pray that they will continue to grow in their faith and be more like Jesus.
  • Please pray for Brad as he works with the finances here at NTM Homes.
  • Please pray for me (Wanda) as I transition into a new job. I have been training in personal care and housekeeping for the residents who live in our assisted living facility (ALF).
  • Please pray that we will live lives worthy of our Lord.

We are thankful to be here. We are thankful for you. Thanks for partnering with us as we minister to our senior saints.

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull