Hello to All our Friends, Family, and Former Supporters,

Now that we have figured out how to send e-mails from our new addresses again, we would like to let you all know where we are, where God is taking us and how we are doing with the process.

I think process is a good word for where we are right now. God has continued to lead and direct clearly, and we have been through many steps in the process of Him redirecting our lives. For us, it has been long, wearisome, and just plain hard, yet after receiving some clear direction over the past couple of months, we are encouraged and excited to move forward where He is leading.

Rich recently took a pastorate of a small church north of Kansas City (Smithville, MO), and he will start this new ministry July 1. Our whole family is looking forward to moving back to Missouri and having the opportunity to be settled with no foreseen transitions in the near future… at least nothing too big for our whole family. The church is about 60 in number and is located in a growing community as people leave the city to live in the countryside. Rich is looking forward to the opportunity to shepherd this group of people and consistently bring them the Word.

The Lord took Rich and I on a whirlwind house shopping trek last week. We drove down to Kansas City early Tuesday with a list of 15 possible houses from our online shopping. After visiting a few of them Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, the list diminished to 4 possibilities. By the time we met our realtor Thursday afternoon, the list had dwindled to 3 because one was already under contract. After visiting them with our realtor, one rose to the top and we were ready to put in an offer. However, our realtor informed us that it was a foreclosure and the bids were due 2 hours prior to our decision, which left us with no options as the other 2 needed far too much work to move in by the end of June. Our realtor informed us that he had a house that he had recently remodeled that he was ready to sell, but it was out of our price range. We visited the house with him and it met all of our families’ needs (size, bedroom numbers, etc.). It had only one bathroom, but the realtor said he would add one in with no extra cost to us. We asked for 24 hours to think and pray about this house, and to discuss it with the elders of the church as it was further away from the church than what any of us had desired. We adjusted our monthly budget to squeeze here and there, and decided to do a longer term loan to be able to make the monthly mortgage payments. Later that evening, Rich went to a scheduled meeting with the elders, and one of the points they brought up before knowing about the house was a monthly pay increase to help us with our expenses. That increase amount covered the extra funds needed for the monthly mortgage payment. The house is move-in ready, so we will be able to move by the end of June and start this new ministry on time.

Another thing that the Lord did during our time in Missouri was to open a wonderful schooling opportunity for Jordan and Havannah. The private Christian Academy is located just 10 minutes from the new house. Both of the kids are looking forward to being back in a classroom and having opportunities to participate in sports. Their excitement is slightly offset by a dislike for the uniform policy.

Hannah has officially graduated from high school and is looking forward to moving with us. She has decided to work fulltime and pursue her interests in music and art rather than attending college at this time. She desires to help out at home and improve her homemaking skills as well as helping with Josiah’s preschool endeavors. Hannah finished her high school career on the high honor roll and received several achievement awards for this year at Jonesville High School. Above is her graduation announcement and senior picture.

Hadassah has one year left before graduation. She hopes to dual-enroll at a nearby Bible college to finish her needed high school credits in one semester, and already have a start into college. She also finished her time at Jonesville well, with high grades and several awards. At this time, she is thinking to pursue some sort of math degree (accounting, teaching, etc.)

Josiah continues to enjoy playing with his cousins and having grandparents nearby while we are in Michigan, but is looking forward to moving as well.

We are very thankful for the time the Lord has given us here in Michigan with our home church, family, and the school settings that our children have enjoyed this past year. We see many ways that the Lord has grown us all and prepared us for this ministry change and look forward to what He has for us next.

Thank you all for the years you have stayed with us in prayer and support. We are so blessed.

Our contact information is on the footer of this page. We would love to stay in touch.

In Christ,
Dawn for the Fosters

Rich, Dawn, Hannah, Hadassah, Jordan, Havannah and Josiah