Hello Family and Friends,

We made it! Or at least we made it to our first destination of New Berlin, NY. Since mid May when we put on our first sale, it has been non-stop at our home in Port-au-Prince. Sorting, decision making, selling, packing, giving away, farewell gatherings, last times, goodbye hugs, tears, and many prayers.

Decisions like how low are we willing to go on our TV? Who will take our dog? How do we say goodbye to the market ladies that served us for over 20 years? Do we take the fragile ceramic plates and bowls that were made by hand in Haiti, do we put them in the boxes to be shipped, in our luggage, sell them, or give them away?


All these decisions and many more have been made. This morning before we headed to the airport we met at the Sous Espwa office. We held hands with our colleagues and children and we bowed our heads before our God who leads us and guides us on the way. What a blessed way to head off from our present home to the future that God is preparing for us.

Our feelings are a mix of gratitude, grief, exhaustion, and denial. I’m sure these feelings will come and go many times throughout the coming days, weeks and even months.

Natasha, Micah, and Malieke are still in Haiti and are staying with friends until July 1. We are heading to Michigan for a week or so and then will return to NY for a month and out west for another month and a half to say thank you and farewell to our supporting churches. We will end in Michigan at the end of August where Natasha will begin her studies at Calvin College and Micah and Malieke will begin Grade 10 at The Potter’s House Christian School.

Thank you for all your prayers and expressions of love! In God’s grace we stand,

Howard and Ruth Van Dam

with Taressa, Natasha, Micah and Malieke