Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your faithful prayers. The past couple of months have flown by and I have been busy, busy, busy since my return to PNG in April. Things here are going very well, and we’re back into a routine once again.

It has been exciting to see to see growth and change in the lives of the Mengen believers. So many incredible stories to tell, but one special one has to do with my dear friend and translation helper Kariang. She and her husband Teli and 8 kids live in a small hamlet up the mountain from us and near a big village that has opposed the Bible teaching. For many years, Kariang has been the only believer in that area and has suffered a lot of persecution because of her stand for Christ.


3 years ago Kariang’s young daughter died of complications of cerebral malaria and meningitis. At that time, her entire family and neighbors all blamed her saying that she was being punished for forsaking the traditional beliefs etc. Even her husband Teli was against her, and has shown her very little spiritual support over the years…..until now!!! Over the past year, the Lord has been at work in this man’s life and it is incredible to see the change. He’s really fired up about spiritual things and is now a voice of testimony where he lives. Being a local politician, Teli comes in contact with many various people, so pray that he would continue to be a good testimony and that many people would become interested in the Bible teaching through the witness of this man. Pray especially for his elderly parents and 3 married brothers. Teli’s entire family have been utterly opposed to the Bible teaching and are very much involved in a local cult in our area. Pray that the Lord would break down the powers of spiritual darkness in that village, and that the light of Christ would shine!!

At the moment, we are busy every day of the week!! 3 nights a week, our Bible teachers, along with some new ones who are being trained, are teaching the “Creation to Christ” lessons. While most of the people have heard it all before, we have several new ones who are coming, and also several new believers who have not heard the lessons clearly taught. Pray for Gabriel and his unsaved wife Imelda. This is a young couple with a little daughter and a new baby on the way. Gabby is starting to train as a Bible teacher and is very concerned for his unbelieving wife. She is from a family who has opposed the Bible teaching, so it is amazing to see her coming faithfully. Pray that she would understand her sin and need of a Saviour.

Pray also for 2 young guys, Robert and Masi who are also from families who are opposed to the teaching. In fact, Masi’s father beat up his wife and forbade her to come to the Bible lessons, so it’s amazing that this teenager is attending, in spite of that fact!! These teens are growing up and making their own choices, so pray that they too would understand the Gospel. Albert is a very untaught believer and is married to Maria. Maria’s family is strongly against the Bible teaching also, so it’s a struggle for Albert. Pray that he would continue to grow in his understanding.

We are super excited to see some young guys in their 20’s, starting to teach. Edward is our main Bible teacher and role model for these guys. We also have newly married Vincent who has taught a few lessons and is doing a great job, as well as an older man Otto, Gabriel, Pulson and a VERY shy young man named Kenneth. It is neat to see them starting to blossom and also to see the church members giving them support and respect as these guys stand up and take part in the Bible teaching. There are usually 2-3 of them taking turns for each lesson, so they are working together and it is amazing to see!!

As for me, my days are spent in Bible translation for the most part. I am relieved to have the first draft of 1 Corinthians pretty much finished, and now begins the process of checking and rechecking every little thing! It’s a joy to have another book of the Bible nearing completion in the Mengen language.

Thanks so much for your prayers for me.