Hey, did you hear that Bethany and Matthew have jobs now? Hint: Matthew may have to dress like a cow one of these days!

  • School starts on Aug 7th. Please pray with us for scholarships to come through.
  • Paul has been working with Cliff Huntting, giving him a maintenance refresher. All pilots/mechanics need this periodically. The Hunttings move to Tepic, MX. in July, to join the Farmers. This base is taking shape after many years of planning!
  • I have good news! With help from UIM and some personal giving from our team, we can financially cover half the cost of hiring an Office Manager! Is there someone reading this that would like to help toward the other half? Donations to UIM, specified for the UIMA Office Manager, will do that. This is another way to be partners, with us, in this ministry to reach native tribes in Mexico! Some of you already do this in prayer and/or support of our family or the Aviation department. Thank you! We pray that God blesses you over and above what you give and that you do feel a part of this ministry!

Paul is on his third with one more to go— 4 annual inspections in three months! Our planes are taken apart (literally) after every 100 hours of flight and piece by piece inspected for damage, and potential problems. The safety of those flying over rugged Mexican land is in part dependent on the maintenance guys finding and fixing problems! Imagine the pressure?!. Half of the team is in Tucson doing one part of this ministry, and the other half is in Mexico flying to where the people are and God is changing lives! Now UIMA is looking at a wonderful problem. Yes that is what I said. Because God’s word has touched hearts, we have national pastors wanting to fly to remote villages to share God. How do you fly a national pastor for free (since they have no funds) and keep and aviation ministry funded?


Pictured: Paul and Leigh Anne are friends from Bible College. God dumped a huge blessing on us in leading our paths to cross! Thanks guys for taking time to come and visit us!