Dear Team Members, 

Where do we begin? Lots has gone on in recent weeks: 0n Thursday, May 12th I had a mastectomy and all seemed to be going well, until in the early evening Lynne, who was my nurse ( my angel watching over me) had to phone my surgeon as there was undue swelling. I was taken back to surgery as there was internal bleeding and a blood clot Frown Got back to my room around 2am. Then on Friday I had a unit of blood, and was discharged later that day. This past Wednesday the 25th, staples were taken out and the two drains removed. Today the surgeon put me back on an antibiotic to help with the inflammation. Trusting I will be able to get comfortable and start sleep better – not only me, but that Charlie will start sleeping better also! We believe the chemo has done a job on my feet, legs, and hands, as neuropathy and pain has settled in them. We trust this is not permanent! I don’t see the oncologist until June 23rd, so at this point in time we don’t know if I will be having radiation treatment. This is a long journey, and without you walking it with us, we would not cope. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE, CARE, AND PRAYERS EACH STEP OF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George and Erma Davison, who worked with us in Australia and some of you may know, live here at the NTM Retirement Center. Erma has not been well for a number of years being on dialysis. This past week she had a pace maker and defibrillator put in. Know they would appreciate your prayers!

Our little three year old friend Liliana is having her ups and downs with the leukemia, so we know she and her family would appreciate your continued prayers!

Our son Ben, who lives in Australia, has finished working on the train system in Sydney. He was invited to join a new company repairing planes at the military base he use to work at. This means he only travels about 20 minutes one way to work instead of one hour! He gets home earlier and has more time with family and a better night’s sleep!

On May 10, a Banquet was held for the ESL (English as a Second language) students and their families, staff and helpers. There were at least 160 in attendance. We wish we could have been there, but it was such a blessing to hear of so many being able to attend. We heard that many were 1st time attendees, and they were blown away! How grateful we are for all the staff and helpers who made this banquet possible. The classes are in recess over the summer. Please continue to pray for these students to retain the English they have learned and for the truths of the Word of God to take root in their hearts!

Our desk top computer, which I use, is really acting up–we trust this reaches you!

Love in Him,

Cherrie and Charlie

On Monday we had a visit from a friend who is an OBGYN Doctor. She made the comment that she had heard of someone who had gone through bleeding after surgery, like I did, BUT did not survive Frown So YES I believe Lynne was my guardian angel!

Cherrie’s Musing: It is 2am and I can’t sleep – can’t get comfortable! During the daytime, when I want to take a nap – as I enter our bedroom, to the left, in front of a window is a bookcase, and to its right is a bureau. On top of the book case stand two porcelain dolls – an old man and woman who look like my German grandparents. On top of the bureau is my doll house from my childhood days :o) A curtain hangs over the window shedding a bit of light into the room. OK, now when I close the bedroom door and walk over to lie down, I pass another bureau that has a magnifying mirror of it and to my amazement it reflects what looks like a person – tall, looking down on everything! It took me the longest to figure it out, but it comes from the light between the doll house and the book case. BUT it is an image reflected UPSIDE DOWN! Each time I see it, I am reminded that this year, with our lives turned UPSIDE DOWN, God is always with us each step of the way watching over us, Encouraging us, and meeting our heart needs :o)