Although the reason for us getting together again was a sad one, we all so thankful to be with each other in our time of grief as we mourned the loss of Elise’s Dad, Kenley, but rejoiced in heaven’s gain! Thanks so much for your prayers as we continue to walk this road of grief.

They’re Back

Please remember Ryan and Summer as they are back in California for the summer. Pray that it will be a time of rest and enjoyment of family, renewal of friendships, and preparation for returning to China for both Ryan and Summer to teach at a language school for children in the fall. We are excited for them and thankful for God’s call in their lives.

Slovak Language Intensive

Please remember Elise as she begins a 2 week language intensive course today. This will be her first formal language study course at a school as she has normally used the ‘barefoot’ approach to language learning. Ask that she can concentrate well and fill in the holes in her Slovak language acquisition.

Annual Meeting with IMB Colleagues

Please remember Trey as he has lots of preparation to do in the weeks leading up to our annual meeting August 3-8. There will be over 200 people attending from western and central Europe as well as from 3 churches in America. Pray that all would go smoothly and everyone would leave the meeting with renewed zeal for the Lord and the people they are seeking to reach with the gospel.