Dear Friends,

Well, it seems cliché to say it, but WOW, this summer sure flew by in a flash! With 10 weeks away from PNG, I covered coast-to-coast in North America and split my time in 3 different locations. It was such a JOY to see many friends and family members during my brief time at home and I’ve returned refreshed and anxious to continue on with the work of Bible translation here in Papua New Guinea.


Upon arrival, I moved straight into my new apartment here at Hoskins center and have spent the past several days getting setup again. Lord willing this will be my last major move for awhile!! In the days ahead, I’m looking forward to getting dug into translation. Currently I’m laying the foundations for 4 different books and getting them ready for the next step of the translation process. For me, getting the initial draft laid out is one of the biggest steps, so it will be nice to have that done and then to be able to move ahead with the books.

The second night after returning from my trip, my cell phone rang at 3:30am! I wondered what in the world had happened or what tragedy had come up. It turns out that my friend in our village woke up in the night because she was chilly and decided to give me a call just to chat!!! I was SO relieved that everything was okay and since I was jetlagged anyways, I didn’t mind chatting in the middle of the night!! I just hope they don’t make that a regular occurrence and will choose to call during the daytime in the future!

Sounds like the work in our village continues to move along and we rejoice at the faithfulness of our Bible teachers. Please them in your prayers as they faithfully serve the Lord in spite of difficulties and discouragements. 


  • Pray for their daily encouragement in God’s Word and for the salvation of their unsaved family members.
  • Pray especially for Kamilus who continues to carry the load at our outreach village. His co-worker Bruce became very sick with malaria a few weeks ago and has returned home to recover.
  • Pray for Bruce and his wife, that they would be refreshed physically and spiritually after many long months of ministry.


 Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and financial support.

 Pressing on,