“Faithful is He who calls you and He will also bring it to pass.”—I Thessalonians 5:24

Greetings from central Florida! Our pre-field orientation (PFO) finished one week ago and we are thankful for these precious individuals, who have committed to serving the Lord in support roles here in the USA, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and the Philippines. The ten days that we spent together were a blessing. The photo above shows our PFO group in front of the NTM office building.


Our duties at PFO included teaching some of the sessions. One class that was part of the curriculum dealt with “staying healthy overseas”. We taught on many things related to staying healthy in a tropical environment including prevention of certain tropical diseases and the importance of proper hydration.

Diann’s knee surgery in April was successful. She testifies to how nice it is to walk pain free. We wish to say thanks for all the prayers on her behalf. She had a torn meniscus and the surgeon said that she won the prize for the day for the biggest tear!

In June I celebrated my 65th birthday. The years keep rolling by!

We do have an announcement regarding a change to our ministry location. The NTM Personnel Department has given approval for us to minister with the Connection Center from the west coast. The ministry will remain the same, which involves coaching individuals through the application process on the way to becoming “associate members” with NTM. The plan is to make the move in August and set up our office in Long Beach, WA. We would appreciate prayer for all that will be involved in making such a move plus the necessary resources for setting up our office. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at: dave_yunker@ntm.org

As always your partnership through prayer and finance in the ministry of reaching remote people groups for the Lord Jesus Christ is deeply appreciated!

By His grace alone;
Dave & Diann
NTM Connection Center