Dear family and friends,

We celebrated our country’s 238th birthday on the 4th of July . There is always a big fireworks display over Lake Monroe. I could see them from our yard. We live in a wonderful country. We feel privileged to call ourselves Americans. We have lived in 2 other countries over the years and visited numerous other ones and we KNOW that we have a lot to be thankful for.

In our Assisted Living Facility (we call it the ALF) there is a framed copy of Psalm 23 for Seniors. It was written by Jim Sheffield who is the administrator for this facility. I thought that I would include it in my letter since it gives you an idea about the different things that our residents here face as they are finishing up their race for the Lord:


1 Because it is the LORD who is my provider, I will not lack anything that I need.

2 He provides ample nourishment for my physical body and makes me content with his provision.

3 He revives me spiritually by drawing me back to Himself. Even though I am constantly faced with the temptations of this society, He helps me to make righteous choices because I represent Him and my testimony affects his own reputation.

4 Lord, even when I feel I am near death, I can trust you completely, for you are taking care of me. Father, I am comforted not only by your protection, but even by your chastening.

5 Your care of me is so sure that even when facing overwhelming health crises and financial uncertainties I can relax and enjoy your bountiful supply. You honor me among my peers. Your blessings are so lavish that they are beyond my capacity to grasp them.

6 Because of your mercy and love for me it is absolutely certain that every day for the rest of my life here on earth, you will cause to happen only that which is for my good. And after all of that, I will go to live with you in your home for eternity.

Last month I mentioned that Brad was out on the tractor doing some of the lawn mowing/ bush hogging here on the property. He continues to do this several afternoons a week. I have included a photo that I thought you might enjoySmile

Prayer and Praise:

After much prayer and consideration, Brad and I have decided to stay with the primary care physicians that we have had since being here. We each had a routine visit that renewed our confidence in our doctors. Thanks for praying for us these past couple of months while we were not sure what to do.

Brad had a sleep study done just over a week ago and is waiting to hear back from his doctor as to the results. Brad‘s old machine is “wheezing” and is in need of being replaced. There will be many decisions to be made and Brad needs wisdom as to which machine to purchase, which type of mask he wants to use, and lots more things to consider.

I, Wanda have enjoyed taking care of the bookings and cleaning of the guest facilities here at NTM Homes. Tomorrow I will be handing that responsibility back to the lady who usually does it. I had an enjoyable time as I cleaned and made things ready for the guests that stayed here. These facilities are a blessing to many.

My first day of the next school year will be on August 7th. I have already begun to get my classroom ready for my students. This year our students and staff will each have an iPad mini to work with. (Our principal desires that our students be better prepared when it comes to technology). I have purchased a couple of “how to” books on the iPad mini and I need to do some serious learning before school starts. Please pray that I will follow through on my plan to spend some time each day learning new things on this handy dandy little machine. I need to find some Apps that will be of help to my young math students as well as my fifth grade students. Many Apps are free and some you can purchase for just a few dollars. I have already downloaded several and have been playing with them.

We are both surrounded by older missionaries in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. We have been here long enough to see their declining health, mentally and physically. It is really tough to see. Most are growing old gracefully. We need God’s love and patience as we come along side to help and encourage.

We thank the Lord for you. May the Lord bless and encourage you as He has done for us through your prayers, letters, e-mails, notes and financial gifts.

By His grace,

Wanda (and Brad) Hull