Dear Friends and Supporters, 

Wow, where has the time gone!? It’s middle of summer already! Soon our kids will be back in school. Jared is taking a summer class now so he’s pretty tired as he works a full 10 hour night shift then a couple hours sleep before class starts. Pray he doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel. Mieko just started a new job at a golf course. She loves it so far and gets to golf for free; although, she has never golfed before. Micah just bought a condo and moved in last week so he is now an excited homeowner. Mariko is waiting to hear from Hawaiian Airlines as to when she will start training.

Pray for us as Jared has had a lot of boils. Mieko had a couple and now Joan has one. Who will be next? We seldom had boils in PNG so not sure why the family is getting them now.

I do book signings at the Pearl Harbor memorial now. I get to talk to a lot of nice people even if they don’t buy the book. I keep an NTM magazine on the table and hand them out to people who are attracted by my sign that says, “Missionary finds missing plane!” Some young people are looking for what the Lord would have them to do next so it is a good opportunity to plug missions. I also get a chance to witness as some ask derogatorily, “so you’re converting them natives huh?” Well, that opens the door!

The Akolet believers celebrated their second anniversary of becoming believers. They had a big party, sang songs and did some role playing. Lonsi and his wife Samam re-enacted how they were before they were saved: always fighting, bickering, beating their kids. (Samam really got into her role!) Then they understood how Christ has made them right with God by His death, but they still didn’t understand how to live differently. So they tried but failed. Then “Adam” (played by their son Lipi) taught them the truths of Romans 6 and how they are dead to sin, alive to God, and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then they showed how that was bringing about changes in their family life.

We recently celebrated Mieko’s graduation from High School. No big party but a nice time together. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA for which we are really proud of her! She plans to attend Community College for a couple years then go to Washington to study for ultrasound.

Thank you for your faithful giving and prayers, 

Mark Reichman