Well, after another bout of laryngitis, I seem to finally be back to normal, more or less. Almost lost my voice yesterday at the end of Bible Club.

Please be praying for this coming week. A group from Colorado arrives soon and will be helping with two Vacation Bible Schools here in Chihuahua, one at a local church and the other at the Brickyard with me. Please lift them up in your prayers each morning to have the strength for each day, for unity on the team, and for the love of Christ to cross the language barrier.

Pray for me too. The heat has been killing me! This VBS is my last week of classes. Pray for God’s Word to go forth unimpeded as He strengthens me for the task.

Another urgent prayer request is for Linda and Beto from the Brickyard. Beto has had problems with alcohol and depression for two years now and is not growing as a Christian. This week they fought (about her not taking care of their house, etc.) and Linda took the girls and left him. I have no way of reaching her, no phone number, etc. Please pray that the Lord would bring her back, so we can help her work through this difficult time in her marriage.

Thank you for your prayers. This is a bittersweet time for me, wrapping things up and “finishing the course”, yet realizing I’m leaving in less than a month and may not see many of these people again. Pray that they would see Christ’s love. Thanks for laboring together with me via your prayers.

In Christ, Allison