Dear Stretcher Bearers, July 5th, 2016

We trust this finds you encouraged in our Precious Lord and Savior, in the midst of sooooo many discouraging issues in our world these days.

I can’t believe it has been almost nine months since my cancer was found, then diagnosed, and chemotherapy started December 17th, 2015. I remember the first time we went down to Orlando to see my Oncologist, Dr. Molthrope. It was a shock to my system, seeing folk in the hall bald, or wearing caps to cover the baldness, walking with canes, then to see a lady in the hall sitting on a bench, wrapped in a blanket, but sitting all alone. It broke my heart to see someone facing their journey all alone. I am so thankful for Charlie and his daily care for me. My chemotherapy treatments ended the end of March – they lasted twelve weeks. During that period of time it was hard to get folk to talk about the Lord, possibly for a number of reasons with the journey they were facing. Recently, after sooo many months, one lady, we had not seen since earlier this year, came up to us and gave me a big hug with a BIG smile on her face. It has been worth it being part of the journey of so many. We are not finished with our journey, and probably will never be until we go home to be with our Lord and Savior. Our lives will never be the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things that use to seem sooooo important are no longer important. Material things do not have their hold on me like they used to. People are more important, and of course Jesus is more precious than ever!

I have been thinking how I said that my nurse, after the operation, was my angel and then remembered that my next door neighbor Jana Price was there also caring for me, so I really had two angels who observed something was wrong. The nurse, Lynne, phoned my surgeon, who came right back and took me back to surgery to fix the problem which saved my life! Of course your prayers were a vital part also!!!!!!!!!!! I have healed well from the surgery and on Wednesday June 30th I started radiation treatments here in Sanford, only ten minutes away! It will last six weeks, five days a week, each afternoon at 3:30. The side effects are not as bad like chemo side effects were, and we like all the staff there Smile The first afternoon there we met an older couple from the Sanford area. Sonia has been having radiation therapy for two years, twice a day! It was Sonia who, without us saying a word, mentioned her Savior Jesus Christ. You could sense the joy she has in her heart, even though life sure has not been easy for them. There was a problem with the radiation machine, so we had time to talk and get to know them until the machine was fixed. They know so many of our retirees here at NTM Retirement Center, who we also know, which was special. Believe Sonia and her husband would appreciate your prayers.

Radiation treatments should finish the middle of August. We still make trips every three weeks to Orlando for an infusion of Herceptin until the end of the year, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Of course there will be regular checkups after that time, but we are thankful for each day the Lord gives us!

My friend Teresa, who you have been praying for, has finished her chemotherapy. Her Mom went home to be with the Lord during her treatments, and this week Teresa and her family are going up north for the memorial service. Her family has waited for them to be able to be there for which they are thankful. When Teresa gets back, she will start radiation at the same place I go to. How thankful she has been for your prayers!

Thank you soooooo much for continuing to be part of our lives in this cancer journey. Your prayers, and love and care mean soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless and Encourage you also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Because of Jesus,

Cherrie & Charlie