Dear friends and family

Well, this game has as many twists and turns as some of our TV contestsSmile. After all the drama of looking for our missionary training diplomas, having to go with photo copies of them, sending them off with work permit applications and other paperwork to our government representatives in Port Moresby then waiting for the PNG government to reopen after the Christmas break we were told that we don’t need work permits!

Our government representatives in Port Moresby were told that any of our missionaries who are over the age of 60 are exempt from needing work permits. What they have to do now is write a letter to the Dept. of Labour stating our case and our history in PNG, and after they approve our exemption, then they will be able to apply for long-term visas for us without work permits. So now it is just a matter of waiting for the paperwork to go through. After all our worrying about our work permits being approved without good copies of our diplomas the Lord had it all under control.

Tomorrow morning we leave for the CYC Full-time Worker’s retreat at Pialba. We looking forward to a good time of fellowship with some very good friends that we haven’t seen since last year.

With love from
David and Wendy