Dear friends and family,

I’m back!

Thank you to all who wrote or called and said you were praying for the trip. It was 16 fun and busy days. I especially enjoyed gathering a little language and some Pilipino culture during the two weeks of building accommodation for the pastor and his family, attached to a church that the team built last year. We were very warmly received, and looked after remarkably well, and fed delicious Pilipino food, along with a couple of Pizza Hut and MacDonald meals. The project progressed even further than was expected… with members of the church left to put in the windows and doors, finish the plastering and paint. We are praising the Lord for safety on the project, safety in all the travel, and the special time with the youth. There were a few times of fun and fellowship and opportunities to have input into their lives. The weather was mild – only two really hot days, and the very windy rainy days (we were on the edge of a typhoon), came on the weekends. I had an opportunity the first day to give my testimony in the church service, and then gave the devotions at the mid week meeting, the 2nd week.


We arrived home last night, well, actually early hours of this morning – and today “Australia Day” has been partly unpacking, resting etc. PLUS a drive down to Sth Perth where I had dinner with Rhesa, Bobby and girls, AND walked across to the foreshore, and spent a couple of hours, as the sun went down, watching the air show of planes, helicopters and lights, THEN after dark, 30 minutes of fantastic fireworks. Brought my mind back to last year, when I watched the fireworks from Doug’s hospital window. The drive across town took 20 minutes… the drive home took more than an hour… and as I sat in bumper to bumper traffic, I thought of the congestion on the roads in the Philippines, with cars, buses, jeepneys, tricycles and pedestrians.

Between us, we took a lot of photos and I am looking forward to scrap booking them!!! Tomorrow, we are celebrating Gregan’s 7th birthday, and Wednesday, Roxanne starts back to work….. Bobby is praising the Lord for a job which he commences on Thursday, and Rhesa is hoping to get a position in a school – SOON!!

With love and thanks,