Hi all,

I am unable at the moment to put together a regular newsletter but I did want to pass on some urgent prayer requests to you all if you could please be lifting them up at this time.

This past weekend we moved from College Station back to Schertz, TX (San Antonio/New Braunfels area) as planned. Spending our home assignment in two locations is less than ideal for the kids, but the Lord really up some doors for us and allowed us to spend some great time with Grace Bible Church in College Station. We are so grateful for their hospitality. Now, we look forward to our time with Fellowship Bible Church in New Braunfels in the coming months.

Two days before our scheduled move, however, Becky’s mom, Ann, was admitted to a hospital in Dallas with Guillaine-Barre syndrome, an auto-immune disease which has rendered her nearly paralyzed in her hands, arms and legs. Although the long-term prognosis for G-B patients is normally very good, it is frequently a very long process of recovery and therapy before the patient is able to function independently again. Becky flew up to Dallas prior to our move and is now helping to care for her mother in the hospital there, and probably will need to be there for the indefinite future.

Would you please pray with us for the following things?

  • Pray for God to supernaturally restore Ann’s health and movement in her hands, arms, and legs. Also pray that no further, more serious, complications develop.
  • Pray for wisdom for us as a family to know what to do re: our living situation. We could be looking at several weeks (months?) of Becky needing to be away in Dallas helping to care for her mom. This is a difficult thing for our kids right now, coming right in the midst of a move. Meanwhile, homeschooling continues, etc.
  • Finally, on an unrelated note, we were asked a month or so ago by the PNG field to consider a major change of ministry assignment. Without going into details at the moment, it would involve me stepping out of the school and into a field administrative/leadership position. We were planning to make a decision on this in the next couple of weeks, but it is difficult to think about PNG ministry responsibilities at the moment. Pray, please, that God would guide our decision and our next steps. Pray also that God would provide staffing for NCA next year in HS Math and in two grade levels in the elementary. Time is short for recruiting new teachers.

Thanks for your prayers. Stay tuned for further updates.

In Christ,

Neil, for Becky and all