Greetings to you all,

Thank you for your faithful prayers.  God has given us a safe trip back to Papua New Guinea. 

Thanks to each of you for your part in allowing us to labor for Christ here.  Without Him – our faithful LORD – we could do nothing.  And without you – our faith supporters – we would not be able to minister here.


We praise the LORD for two different families who provided early morning transportation and lodging overnight in Brisbane.  Once again, without their support, we would have been in the depths of despair.  A second trip to the airport, on the morning of our departure, was required as an unnamed individual – his name begins with Steve – left our passports in the back seat pocket.  He blames it on crossing 16 time zones causing him to not think clearly.  We have agreed to not sign any papers for a few days until we get rested.

The same morning that we departed Brisbane, Australia, we met our son-in-law, Aaron Thomas, and continued our journey on Friday with him to Goroka.  He will be here for two weeks.  He has come to sell some of their items, finish packing their personal belongings in their container, sell their car, any 240 volt items that they have and then ship their container back to Columbus, Ohio.  Thanks so much for your prayers that this work can be accomplished in a timely manner – to the glory of God!

Our phone line to the house that we live in is not working.  We hope that it can be repaired easily on Monday.  There are no repair workers on weekends.

We heard that the flu virus is spreading through the USA.  It is also spreading through PNG.  Thanks for your prayers that we all stay healthy.  Some of the MK school classes have been cancelled because so many of the students were ill.

The temperatures here are 58 at night and in the 80s during the day.  The rain has come in abundance with nearly 24 inches of rain in the past 5 weeks.  Boots are a good thing to wear right now.

We are waking up at 3 a.m. each morning as we are adjusting to jet lag.  We have found that when we think of you all and are praying for you that God gives us peace and we are able to go back to sleep.

Steve’s cell number is not presently working.  Hopefully, he can get it going again this week.

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt