Dear Friends and Family,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  This has been a year of many changes and LOTS of travel. We spent the first half of the year having an awesome time continuing to connect with the students, faculty and churches in the community of Arkadelphia, AR and Ouachita Baptist University as well as spending as much time as possible with our sons, Ryan and Bret, before going back to Europe as empty-nesters. We were able to make 2 trips to CA to visit Ryan and 3 trips to OK to visit Bret as well as take a big road trip to the Grand Canyon. We count ourselves blessed to have had so much time with our sons and family members while in the States.

The last half of the year was spent adjusting to our new home in Bratislava, Slovakia. In many ways, it has been a breath of fresh air as the people have been very kind, friendly and helpful. However, it has also been difficult to adapt to a new city, culture, ministry, and language after having been in Zagreb, Croatia for 7 years and leaving our many friends and familiar surroundings there. We are grateful for the ease of travel from our new city and have found ourselves traveling over a 1/3 of the time and to 9 of the 14 teams that we supervise.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you SO MUCH for your love, care, financial contributions and prayers on behalf of our family and the ministry that God has so graciously given us in Central Europe. We would so appreciate your help in 2013 as well!

Here are our first prayer requests for 2013…
  • God’s wisdom for Ryan and Bret as they have important decisions to make this Spring in regard to their future.
  • Health, strength, and guidance as we have 14 trips planned to visit IMB personnel throughout Central and Southern Europe.
  • Discernment to know how to best fit into local ministry in Bratislava and throughout Slovakia.
  • Supernatural ability to learn Slovakian.

In His Love,

Trey and Elise