Thai ministry

The Lord directed Brad and Wanda to the village in Thailand.

The Hulls built a house and began making friends. Settling in was challenging as the village lacked electricity, water and many other conveniences they were accustomed to.

After working in Thailand for about two years, Brad contracted Tropical Sprue. This is a disease that affects very few foreigners and causes the digestive system to cease functioning. This results in weight loss and a complete loss of energy. Even when the diarrhea caused by the disease clears up, the low energy levels still exist. This low energy level can last anywhere from 5 years to the rest of the life of the affected person. There is no cure and the doctors do not even know the cause. The most common advice is, “leave the tropics and never return.” That is the advice that the Hulls received.

After living and working in Thailand for about 3 years and 8 months, the Hulls took a medical furlough. The medical furlough lasted for a year and a half. Although it helped some, the effects of the disease were still present. Still, there was peace that the Lord wanted the Hulls to head back to Thailand. Brad’s energy level was running at about 60% of normal.

During the next 3 years in Thailand, Brad experienced almost no energy during the hot season, but was able to function at about 60%-70% of normal the rest of the year.

Brad and Wanda, returned to the US, their future uncertain and their hearts broken. They were desperately seeking physical, mental and spiritual healing from the Lord. During that time, the Lord did provide spiritual and mental healing. The physical ailment still remains and is there for the purpose of conformation to His image.

After much prayer, the Lord opened doors for the Hulls to work in Papua New Guinea in a support ministry.