Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for your continued prayers for the Mengen church. The Lord is at work, and it is exciting to hear of what He is doing in the hearts of the people here.

Although I’m no longer living in the tribe, I’m thankful to have occasional contact with some of the Mengen believers, whenever they are able to get a signal on their mobile phones! Yep, it sounds crazy, but even the remotest areas of the world are now coming into the age of modern technology. Just the other day my phone rang and here was Kariang, my translation helper in Lele, calling to chitchat. It was so funny and I was laughing on this end and she and her husband and kids were laughing on that end!! It was the first time we had ever talked by phone, so that was really special.


From all reports, it sounds like things are going well in the village. The teachers are continuing their way through the book of Acts on Sundays as well as teaching “Creation to Christ” lessons several other days of the week. Literacy classes are also about to resume, with several new teachers in training, so that’s pretty exciting.

It has also been a joy to hear of the work happening in our first outreach village. Our 2 missionary families will soon be joined by another young couple from our village. They all have a mammoth amount of work to do, teaching Bible lessons in 2 different languages and in several locations almost every day of the week. They are also hoping to start literacy classes down there as well, so that is a huge challenge for them.

Please keep Bruce and his wife Apite and their 5 boys in your prayers, as well as Kamilus and his wife Josephine and their 8 children. Vincent and Manuela have a brand new baby, so this is really going to a huge time of transition for them.

On another note: This week our main Translation Consultant Jason Stuart and his wife Toni received some devastating news. Toni has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and has only a few short months to live. (She is around 40 yrs old.) What an incredible shock for them, and their 2 young children.

I’m sure that it has hit every one of us New Tribes missionaries very hard, as many of us here in PNG know Jason and Toni and appreciate them so much. It was only 2 years ago that Jason checked the book of Romans for me, and he and his wife have been a blessing to many people over the years. I know they would appreciate your prayers in the very difficult days and months ahead.


This morning I woke up to the devastating news that Toni has gone home to be with the Lord. Seems so impossibly sudden and heartbreaking for her family. Toni was around 40 years old and has 2 little children ages 7 and 9. She and I were in the missionary training together many years ago and Jason checked my translation of the book of Romans. They have been a blessing to so many people.

Please uphold Jason and the kids in your prayers during this very difficult time. What a comfort to know that Toni is in heaven and free from all sickness and pain.


Thanks so much for your faithful prayers and financial support. You are a constant encouragement and blessing to me. I am looking forward to seeing many of you when I’m home for a short visit this summer!!

Pressing on until He returns.