Dear praying family and friends,

Well, I have been back here in PNG for 10 days…. They have been fun days, and learning days, growing days, and special days. Today is one of those special days, as I remember our wedding 49th years ago.

As I sit here putting finger tips to the keyboard I have some lovely music playing. “Through it ALL”, one of Doug’s testimony songs, and now “Bless The Lord of My Soul”. I have so very much for which to be thankful.

The guest house hasn’t been overly busy (the big groups were here the two weeks before I arrived)… but there is still plenty to do… this afternoon I am working with a friend, making new curtains for one of the apartments, covering pillows and cushions.

There had been a drought here in PNG for some months, but we have been thankful for some rain for a number of the evenings I have been here… great for the rain tanks, but makes the river high, through which the work girls have to come for work each morning.

The first day I was here, I managed to find a customer for a haircut!!! And continue to do a haircut from time to time. A LOT of time is spent learning to do the bookings and billings on the computer. My, won’t my children be delighted and pleased if I don’t have to keep calling them for help with the computer when I return to Australia.

I will be home in Australia just over 2 months, and will just HAVE to take another trip. My granddaughter, Raylea Bagley, who is presently in the States, studying at Bible School, has announced her engagement, and is to be married July 8th, in Michigan.

I will write again… just had to ‘touch base’ after such a good week.
Thank you for your prayers.