UIMA Happenings

Our men recently met for an intense week of aviation business meetings to discuss issues like maintenance, flights, and safety in Mexico. We are thankful for a team of men eager to serve the Lord together. Two of our guys were in a car accident on Feb 3rd. We are thankful that injuries were minor and no lives lost.

 We sure do appreciate your prayers for safety and strength as we go about our days serving through UIMA. Our team in Mexico has been experiencing heavy rains which hinder flights. Pray for good weather and for those mommies and kids whose dads are off flying in the mountains.

901 had a part go bad while in the field bringing flights to a halt. I could give you mumbo jumbo talk about parts, but since I don’t understand it all, I will just say that there was a lot of commotion here to get that part and get it down to the guys in Mexico to make the repair. When we say we appreciate your prayers for safety as our pilots fly, we really mean it!

Family News

Bethany is working as a Nanny/Tutor and has applied to Liberty University where she will major in American Sign Language. Please pray as she applies for scholarships to make this possible.

Gabriel has had issues with pain in his feet, due to his achilles tendons being too short, since he was 10. He now has orthotic inserts to assist with the problem, but the Dr. said he needs surgery on both legs. Please pray for wisdom as we make decisions.

Miriam has no recent broken bones to report for which we are thankful.

Jesse: Insurance has not come through. It seems there is a snafu in the system that we are praying will work out and be resolved soon.

Paul asks for prayer to have sharp eyes and wisdom as he works on the planes which will fly in the mountains of Mexico to share Christ.

Laurel, that’s me, would like prayers for wisdom as I work with students and families at Faith Christian Academy.

Our whole family took part in the Living Nativity. Matthew was one of the Roman Soldiers guarding the cross. (picture by Isabel Oroz)


Upcoming Trip

We will be leaving the desert for a missions conference in freezing cold Harmony, PA. We are looking forward to being at Grace Church and connecting with those who have faithfully been praying for and supporting us. Hopefully we don’t freeze to death while there!



Support for UIM Aviation national flights. This is an on-going need. Would you pray and consider if you can be part of supporting this aspect of our ministry. Maybe you are part of a Sunday School class or home group and would like to take this on? Donations for this would go directly to UIM International with a note stating “for Flight Fund of UIMA.” The address is P.O. Box 6429, Glendale, AZ 85312