Dear friends and family,

Is it really already the second week of February?! That just doesn’t seem possible to me. I pray that this email finds you all well, growing in understanding of how much our Father loves us, and thankful for the blessings He has richly provided. Even on the hard days and in the middle of the hard weeks, He is faithfully working out His plans.

Please excuse my lack of recent correspondence. I was able to be home for a little over 2 weeks for Christmas/New Years and hit-the-ground-running as soon as I returned to Monte Plata with some new ministry responsibilities. Work has been a bit overwhelming, and though I am thankful to be busy, the long hours and heavy work load has taken its toll on me emotionally. For those of you who are interested, I recently wrote a blog about the phase of ministry I’m in and how I’ve been feeling. You can find it here.

As always, I’d like to share some prayer opportunities with you. Thank you for taking time to lift these needs up to the Lord and also to thank Him for His faithfulness.

  • Please pray that we find a Christian, married, Dominican couple to serve as house parents at Casa Monte Plata.
  • Please pray for unity and strength within our school staff and our Casa Monte Plata staff. Recent difficult situations have threatened to divide us, turn us bitter, and render us ineffective in ministry. Pray that the Lord unifies our hearts, direction, and purpose.
  • Please pray for three upcoming group visits – 1 with an evangelistic push, 1 with an educational push, and another with a relational push. 
  • Please pray that the Lord provides more financial support through new child sponsorships and special gifts that would enable us to finish the construction of our new preschool building. 
  • Please pray for the Lord’s Spirit of peace on our campus. Behavior has been unusually rough lately and we are weary. 
  • Please pray for me to learn how to balance my new responsibilities as the US sponsorship coordinator and 8th grade math teacher with my other ministry responsibilities. 
  • Thank God for the safe arrival of three new children (2 sisters and 1 brother) to Casa Monte Plata. Their mom passed away in November and despite the harsh reality of their recent past, they are adjusting well to life on our campus.
  • Thank God for two middle school girls who have trusted Jesus as their Savior over the past two months of Wednesday Bible Class. 
  • Thank God for providing me the opportunity to teach in a classroom again. Our middle school math teacher is on maternity leave and I have been given the opportunity to teach 8th grade math every day until April. For those of you who know me, you already know how excited I am to have a class again! 

In personal news, I want to share an exciting life update with you all. In September I began talking with a man named Mick. I knew he was something special when I saw how much he loves the Lord, how prayerful and intentional he is, and how much he made me smile. In December/January we were able to spend time together face-to-face and meet each other’s families. Our “official” relationship began, although we consider the prayerful months leading up to December part of our relationship as well. Mick lives in Kentucky, is a leader in his home church, speaks Spanish, and has a desire to be in full-time ministry one day. Please pray for us as we discern God’s will for our future together!

Thank you so much for your continued love, support, and encouragement. I am studying Colossians with my online Bible study group and today we read part of Colossians 3. It says “Set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.” I pray that today you are able to set your mind on things of God’s Kingdom and that His peace, His plan, and His love are made more real to you today than ever before.

In Christ,