Greetings in our Saviour’s name

A big concern for us right now is the Benabena church. There has not been missionaries there for a long time now and they are desperately in need of teaching and encouragement. Back in November last year we became very concerned about the Benabena church and their need for teaching & discipleship and were praying for them when the Lord challenged us about going back. David told the Lord that he was willing go back but wasn’t sure if Wendy would be able to consider going back. So he told the Lord, “I will not say anything to Wendy. If you want us to go back let it come from her.” When Wendy came out from her rest she started talking about going back to PNG. We contacted the mission and they requested that we get comprehensive medical check-ups as it would be difficult for them to get us out in a hurry if we had a medical emergency in PNG.

Since then we have had stress echocardiograms, colonoscopies and blood tests done. On Tuesday we saw our doctors for the last time, we hoped, but it was not to be. Wendy’s doctor picked up something in her blood test report indicating a problem with her liver function and asked for another blood test in six weeks time. We were a bit discouraged but realized that it was better for this to come up now so it can be dealt with. We realize too that the Lord knows the end from the beginning and knew that it was best for this to come out now. Pray for us as we look to the Lord to direct us step by step. We will keep you posted as things progress.

Yours in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
David and Wendy