Feb. 3, 2014

Dear praying friends and family,

Just home for an hour – to regroup, water the garden, shower, etc. School is back in, the roads are busier, and the hospital was fairly bustling this morning.
The doctors, have Doug slated for a PEG “early” this week – still not sure exactly which day, and ONCE that is done, they want him 4 more days in the hospital to build him up to the correct amount of nourishment. He is allowed visitors.
I have been contemplating the Bible verse, Matthew 10:30 where Jesus says “And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” Showing us again how even the smallest detail of our lives, God knows and understands. I don’t know whether the chemotherapy did a “number” on Doug’s lung tumour, but the chemo certainly did a “number” on Doug’s hair, as day after day, his dark curls are covering the pillow slips. May be time for a #1 clipper hair cut!!!

Need to gather a few things to take into the hospital – so had best make this do for today. Thank you again, for each of your prayers, emails and best wishes for our anniversary.
In the bonds of Calvary. Bev for Doug, too

February 1, 2014

Dear praying friends,

Just wanted you to know how much we have appreciated your prayers over this past week.
Doug is still in hospital, but he ‘has turned the corner’. There is still need for IV, and 4 canulas have failed in the past 24 hours…. Unfortunately, his veins are thinning, and it is almost impossible to now put one in his arm. Tonight, he has a new canula in his left foot. For days they have considered putting in a PIC line, or a PORT, but the canulas always seems to fail between 10.00 pm and 5.00am, OR on a weekend when there are no technicians to undertake these procedures.
Doug needed a blood transfusion a few days ago, and since then, his ‘bloods’ are more improved, but still very deficient in Potassium and Magnesium. Over the past two days, he has been encouraged to eat pureed fruit, and take thickened water, but he is able to take in very little. It would appear, that he may have a PEG put in his tummy on Monday.
The decision has been made for Doug to have NO MORE Chemotherapy, but they hope to complete the last three weeks of radiation, finishing around the 20th Feb.
Tomorrow, Feb. 2nd, is Doug and my 47th wedding anniversary. We delight to think back, remembering much of what the Lord has done for us, and what God has been teaching us, and we thank Him, for the privilege of the years amongst the Owininga.
Tonight, Raewyn is in at the hospital, staying with Doug, last night, Renee was in there, and Rachel on Wednesday night, and I have been extremely grateful to be able to sleep here at home on those nights. Apart from the hospital ‘cots’ being hard… barely an hour goes by, when you aren’t up with Doug, or the nurse is in changing the fluids, etc etc.
We are thrilled to know that Rhesa is making a trip home this coming week. It will be very special to have her home at this time. It is more than three years since they finished their last furlough (home assignment). She can stay just 2 weeks, and then we will enjoy Rhesa WITH ALL THE family here in July after agraduation.
I need to get to bed – but did want to inform you as to the latest in the journey we are travelling with the Lord.
Much love and many thanks for your prayers. Doug and Bev