Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt in Goroka, Papua New Guinea (PNG),

The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest. Matthew 9:37–38

Thank you for praying and giving! God provided 100% support for Steve and Gretchen Root. They plan to arrive here in Goroka mid-March.

Thank you for praying for Phil and Jan Smith. They arrived and had a fully scheduled two week survey trip. They are back in the USA now continuing to raise their financial support.

Thank you for praying for Ezekiel (Zeke) and Meagan Magill. They now have a second health son. They are also finishing their support raising and would like to arrive here sometime this year.

Thank you for praying for Tim Hawes. Please continue to pray for him in making the right choice in a wife. He has found a young lady who also is raising support to work here in PNG. He has a full schedule of meetings to raise support.

Thank you also for praying for Bill and Debbie Tobias. The CT scan showed the need for surgery, so the decision was made to return to the USA for that surgery. They arrived here in Goroka and have returned to Simbai.

Thank you for your prayers for Rich and Marcia Ernst, retired ABWE missionaries, who are trying to come back again to help teach at our Bible College. Yes, God can use retired people to come and help too! How about you?

Thank you for praying about the sale of the airplane. There is a school here that is planning to purchase the airplane for flight training of national students.

Thank you for your prayers for us during December. It was a very full month for us. Steve and two other men were gone for a week to a remote helicopter access location. The week of teaching and classes culminated with an ordination council and the ordination of Matthew Taku. This is exciting as Matthew is the first ordained pastor in that Bundi area. Please pray for his family and him. He is relied on heavily for spiritual counsel among the six churches in that area. Sandy was busy all week shopping to fill the helicopter with needed supplies for the return trip, to pick up Steve and others on Saturday.

Bony and his wife returned to Goroka on the return flight. Bony was having pain in his liver. His efforts were in vain as the Lord called him home four weeks later. He had been in a wheel chair for five years. The first day of the meetings he got saved. By the end of the week he was able to walk again, but the pain did not go away. God’s plan was to heal him spiritually first – then physically.

We showed a Christmas video in our gymnasium and invited the neighborhood to come.

We were invited to attend a Christmas conference for the week of Christmas. Steve spoke the first night of the meetings. It started raining just as we were walking down the mountain side to the meeting. It rained three inches that night.

We had a Christmas dinner of Mexican style food hosted by Steve and Teri Conover. They helped out here in PNG for four months. Maybe you too, would consider escaping the cold weather to help out here in PNG.

Jeremy, a teenage neighbor who Steve has been mentoring, went with Steve that weekend to Marimari Baptist Church where Steve spoke, baptized four new believers, and had a special feast after the baptism. They drove for 2 ½ hours and then walked to 1 ½ hours to the church. Steve fell into the rushing river twice, but was pulled out by Pastor Able both times. Please pray for Jeremy as he has some type of palsy on the left side of his mouth.

Thank you for praying for us during January. Pastor Matthew and Ruthie Fletcher were here for our annual field council spiritual emphasis meetings, for four days. During the second week, Pastor Fletcher was the main night speaker for the annual youth camp. The camp date was changed from April to January. Please pray that the nationals here would take on more of the major responsibilities of camp, for the coming years.

During the week of camp, we were busy spending time with the family of Bony. He died two days before the youth camp started. Bony had no immediate family living in this area. We had groups of people coming to our house, from out of town, the whole week. The van that took the coffin and the family had a landslide to cross over and a flat time to change on the way, on the first half of the trip. Everything was transferred to a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser to make the other half of the trip. Land of the unexpected – Papua New Guinea!

Thank you for your prayers for us. We have been counseling a young national married couple who have been separated. The husband got saved at Christmastime. They are now talking and making plans for the wife and son to return home. God’s Word is quick and powerful and is working in the lives of people here – as they allow Him.

Thank you for your prayers for Soma. She is a single young lady who we have been mentoring for years. She just entered her first term at our Goroka Baptist Bible College. She is a faithful Christian young lady who has worked hard for years to support her family. God has given her the desire of her heart.

We are down to two families now in Goroka and one family in Simbai. The Joel and Rachel Prigge family are resigning from ABWE, and departed PNG on Sunday. There is one less teacher now to start this new school year.

Thank you for your prayers for this year of religious instruction (RI) classes. They began today, Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. We had 50 in attendance this morning [kindergarten to high school]. We had hopes to integrate our Bible college students into this teaching program. However, with the change in the time, this will not be possible.

Thank you for your prayers for us as we make plans to go to Cairns, Australia in April for medical reasons. Sandy will be getting her annual eye tests. Steve anticipates surgery on his left thumb tendon – DeQuervains disease. Surgery is expected as an out-patient type. The surgeon will also be checking Steve’s right should for a tear in his rotator cuff. We have blocked the month of April for these medical procedures. Steve is calling himself Humpty!

Thanks for reading this long update.

Listening for the trump and praying,
Steve and Sandy Aholt