Dear Friends,

Christmas has come and gone for another year, getting ready for a new semester has come and gone, January 2013 come and gone and here it is nearly the end of February all ready, everyday has gone by just as busy as the last and thank you notes kept getting pushed to the bottom of the pile.

God has provided abundantly for our family in the past 6 weeks. Let us tell you how.


With Victoria getting ready to go to College in July, we knew were needing a vehicle for her.  We nearly got ahead of the Lord a couple of times in this whole plan. We knew we didn’t want to borrow money from the bank, but we didn’t have any money saved…so we kept waiting and praying. Over the Christmas break, Tom did some work on a vehicle for a supporter of ours. In payment, they gave us the Toyota Echo. After some repairs and insurance Victoria is now a proud owner of a vehicle.


Christy has a drum set.

For the past couple of years Christy has been in the marching band and her instrument of choice has been percussion. Christy has been the drummer at church for the past year and basically has taught herself how to play. Tom wanted to get her a drum set, Mum had stipulations to this decision. The volume had to be controllable:). So after much research and keeping it a secret, the set was found in Kansas City. So off they went, Christy in the drivers seat, Tom in the passenger seat and they arrived home 6 hours later with a Roland TD-9 drum set.

Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for your monthly support, that allows us to perform our ministry with New Tribes and also allows us the privilege of raising two teenage daughters and provide these extra things for them.

January 16th 2013

 This date marked two important events this year. The first being Tom and I celebrated our 20th year of marriage. We praise the Lord for allowing us to reach this milestone in our lives. We also praise the Lord for all that He has allowed us to achieve in those 20 years. 

The second milestone is we began a new semester with nine new missionary candidates. Although the first semester student numbers are low we are excited for all that the Lord is going to do in these new students lives. In total we have 100 students on campus; 124 children and 140 staff members.

Please continue to pray for Tom and I as we continue to have a ministry here at the Missionary Training Center. Please pray as we come in contact with others, we will be an example and influence for them to learn from.

We are thankful for the travelling that the Lord has allowed us to do in the past week. Tanya was able to travel to Memphis, TN. There is a church there who have been here to volunteer at the Missionary Training Center over the years and we have grown close to them. Tanya went down to spend time with some of the ladies for a couple of days. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and laughter. Thank you Harvest W.O.I’s for your hospitality! Thank you also to our wonderful friends Ryan and Sarah Warner who hosted us for the weekend. We got to go to our first game of Minor League ice Hockey and what a blast it was.

Although it has a taken us a while to write since Christmas, we loved receiving all of the Christmas greetings that we did. Thank you to each of you for taking the time to be in contact with us. What a huge encouragement it was to our family.


Tom and Tanya Robinson