Dear Friends and Family:

In virtually every country around the world, including the United States, men, women and children are held in servitude. They are exploited for commercial sex and coerced to work in factories and in sweatshops. In some countries, children are forcibly recruited as soldiers. All of these are examples of human trafficking.

Estimates of the number of victims worldwide vary greatly. According to the US State Department, in 2007 they estimated that two million children were sexually exploited across the world. They also estimate that as many as 560,000 women and children per year are trafficked across international borders specifically for the purpose of enslavement into the commercial sex industry. When focusing specifically on children, information suggests approximately 100,000 – 300,000 child prostitutes are in the United States and one million children enter the sex trade every year. These figures do not include the millions more who are trafficked for the purposes of labor and sexual exploitation within the national borders of their own countries.

My personal testimony as a survivor of sever childhood sexual abuse has given me a unique perspective and a heart to reach out to those who would have been or are currently in this situation. Through my own road to restoration God has equipped me with spiritual gifts and compassion to reach out to these victims through and incredible ministry that reaches into the darkness of crime.

As International Director and full-time missionary with TBLM I work hand in hand with local government and organizations in Honduras. TBLM provides counseling and training for government officials and social workers who deal with crisis situations and trauma on a daily basis. We aspire to direct an orphanage in the country for the children who have been rescued from sex trafficking, prostitution, and sexual exploitation. The Honduran equivalent to our Child Protective Services has invited us as an organization to provide training for their staff, which includes social workers, psychologists, attorneys, and administrative support staff. In November and December 2009 I coordinated the initial training sessions held in Honduras. We are also working with the school system to provide character education for teachers and children which include D.A.R.E., gangs and organized crime, kidnap prevention, and sexual abuse awareness. In addition, with government approval, we provide spiritual guidance through the presentation of the gospel. Through this training several of the highest ranking government officials have become believers and good friends. 


As a full-time faith missionary I must raise monthly support to continue the work God has called me to do. In 2010 I plan to make several trips to Honduras and need additional support for my travel expenses.

With Faith,