Well, it’s finally time for me to head back down to Chihuahua Mexico. I’ve traveled to the four corners of the US and everywhere in between. I’ve really enjoyed my time getting to know more people at my home church and, of course, spending time with my family! I was a little concerned with some things I was seeing with my parents’ health, but all their doctors’ visits say they are doing well for their age! So I feel a lot better about leaving them and returning to the field at this time.

I have been asked to help start a Tarahumara work out in the mountains, near the place I used to work back in 1997-1999. It’s a dream come true for me to be involved in Bible translation eventually! However, there is no team or structure set up for this work to begin any time soon. So I am currently heading back to “The Big Unknown.” I’m returning to the field, but have no idea what God has in store for me.

Please be praying for God to show me and my leaders what HE wants me to be involved in. Please pray for my travels and the many “wrinkles” I face as I resettle in Chihuahua. For example, the American vehicle that I purchased in April cannot be taken across the border unless I pay $1000 to import it and spend a week in El Paso TX doing the paperwork. Should I import it? or sell it and look for another Mexican vehicle? Decisions, decisions and more decisions! I need lots of wisdom, AND your prayers!!!

Thanks for your encouragement, prayers and giving! Your support is what “provokes” me to good works (Heb 10:24) and keeps me serving overseas.

ONE LAST FAVOR: I want to fill up a perpetual calendar with messages from all of my friends. Would YOU send me a date that is special to you (eg. your birthday or anniversary), and a short blessing or prayer or word of encouragement. Maybe a favorite Bible verse. That will encourage me each day, and I will think of you and pray for you on your special day too! Laughing THANKS!

Any questions, feel free to write or call me. Love you much!