He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. Daniel 2 :21 NIV

We are now transitioning from summer into fall. A blessing to enjoy the warmth and colors of summer but now it is nice to see the changes of color in the leaves and feel the cooler temperatures. A good change.


The seasons come and the seasons go and some people have changed locations. Four of our new NTM associate members are now serving on the mission field. Sarah is teaching in Papua New Guinea, Ariel is teaching in Mexico, Jack and Bonita are serving in their respective ministries in Papua New Guinea. Jack is the flight coordinator for NTM Aviation and Bonita is teaching at the NTM School. When you have opportunity, please pray for their continued adjustment and also for the other missionaries who are still in the process of ministry partnership development.

Presently, I am in contact with a number of couples and single folks in different phases of our application process. Some are in the exploratory stage and some are in the process of applying. One thing that has been especially encouraging is that 3 former members had decided they wanted to reapply for further missionary service. They have now been reinstated as NTM associate missionaries. Their particular skill sets will be a huge help to the team effort on the mission field.

On a weekly basis the Prayer and Praise report from the islands region of Papua New Guinea comes to my inbox. This is in the area where Diann and I served for many years. It is marvelous to see what the Lord has done. Currently there are indigenous churches in 14 different language groups and ongoing works with missionaries in 16 additional language groups. PTL!

Tomorrow the 28th Diann’s mom has an appointment with a vascular surgeon in Longview. There is blockage in the lower legs and a foot has developed an ulcerated condition. We are praying about this situation and hope that she will be able to undergo the procedure that will resolve the issue. Also, would you please pray for Diann as she enters into her 3rd year of caring for her mom. Thank you!

Together with you for Him,
Dave & Diann