Called to raise up and disciple this generation

Hi Family and Friends,

For the word of God is alive and powerful.  It is sharper than any two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow.  It exposes out innermost thoughts and desires.

The word is active when we practice it, reading alone is not sufficient.  I have to constantly practice the word, not doing what I feel, but what the word says.

YWAM Youth Ministry
Access Core:

Our Access Core Students met for training on Saturday November 12.  The Truth Project Lesson one teaching was done – topic: what is truth?

Some highlights were:

  • We can gaze upon the face of God and not be deeply affected.
  • Every sin that besets us can be trace back to the belief in a lie
  • Jesus on the witness stand, stand for truth


  • How does mankind respond to truth?
  • Do we really believe that what we believe is really real?
  • It was an excellent time, just being challenged again about what we believe, each person left challenged.
Reading Class:

A has three sounds (a as in at, a as in camp and ah as in want) we read by sounds and not letter.  The students at Tower Hill Primary are improving and are mastering the sounds of the Phonograms. They are also applying what they are learning and are able to spell a word by listening to the sound and applying the rules that govern each sound.  I am so proud of them.

Kids for Christ

There have been no Kids for Christ for over a month due to various reasons such as rain, concert and other activities.


Our Calendar year was closed off with a night of worship entitled “take me there……into His presence.”  Words can’t describe the magnitude and awesomeness.  The Worship Team came together from different churches, also the musicians.  It was a night of celebrating His Majesty, He came and dwell among us.  What a night!

YWAM Family

Our Discipleship Training School (D.T.S.) is presently going on with eight students from four nations.  The theme of the school is “Running with God’s dream”.  It’s almost the end of lecture phase and then they go on outreach. One of the teachings for this month is the issue of Social Justice such as Human Traffic, abuse and issues affecting children.  I was given an opportunity to share with the on the 4/14 window.  The 4/14 window is a demographic frame – a life season comprising the ten years between the ages of 4 and 14.  It is during these crucial years that lifelong habits, values, belief and attitudes are formed.  It time to work together to raise up a new generation from the 4/14 window to transform the world.


I continue to prepare and cook meals in the kitchen on Tuesdays. 

Inter-School Christian Fellowship (iSCF)

I still sit on the Western Regional Committee of iSCF.

Homes of Hope

God is moving, and we are ready!

As part of YWAM Christian Magna Carta we believe that each individual or family should have the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter and health care.  To facilitate this, one of our ministries is Homes of Hope.  A home takes 3 days to a week to build.  Our YWAM team partners with a team whether locally or international, to interview and line up candidates for a home.  The applicant is selected based on needs and required criteria. The team raises the funds, build the home on the candidate pre-prepped foundation and also do ministry with the family, and the community through service. This month a team of 21 from the U.S.A. has partnered with us and built a home for Levanne Cargil who is a single mother of four. She is 32 years of age. Her children are Leroy 10, Trecia7, Keisha, 6 and Anthony 2 year. She works one day a week for$3.50 USD. She is also an avid farmer who eats from the crops that she produces.   Both parties were overwhelmed, the team as they saw where this this family was living and the family – of getting somewhere to live.  They were tears, and tears and tears.  Levanne is thankful for the team’s support in coming to build this house for her.


I have applied to do Principle of Children and Youth Ministry School (P.C.Y.M.) in Puerto Rico.  The school is a Youth With A Mission secondary school.  P.C.Y.M. runs from March 24 – August 10, 2013 and the cost is U.S. $1, 760 for lecture phase only, cost for outreach depends on where.  The school will further equip me to work with Children, adolescents and youths and will give me a better understanding of God’s vision for children.

  • I have receive Can. $50 and a pledge of U.S.$ 50 towards school, it is a start and I give thanks.
  • Receive U.S.$100 which was used to pay my staff fees
Financial Update

I am in need of U.S. $3,000 for school, this inclusive of airfare, lecture phase and outreach.  As most of you know, all Ywamers are unpaid volunteers, each Ywamer is sponsored by friends, family and churches.  Your gift makes it possible for me to serve this summer in Grand Cayman and for me being on staff at YWAM-Mo bay.

Prayer Requests
  • Total recovery for Donna-one of our staff who is presently on Chemo.
  • Total recovery for Olivene who did Surgery this month.
  • For a Mission’s Support Team for me
  • At least 30 Partners to be raised up who will give U.S.$20 to cover my monthly expenses.
  • Partner to be raised up who will give to covering my school expenses.
  • D.T.S. students as they complete the lecture phase of school and prepared for outreach.
  • All the students will get their visa, funds and paper work for outreach.