Dear friends,

            Doug and I do want to wish you a “Happy New Year”.  Of course, true happiness comes from walking with the Lord, and resting in all He bestows upon us, whether we deem it good or bad, we know that ALL things work together for good, to them that love God.


New Year’s Eve I took Doug into the hospital to have the rest of his stitches removed… an arduous time…  in the afternoon Doug rested then around 4.00 Renee, Bryan and children arrived and they along with Raewyn and Gregan all jumped into the pool and had a wonderful couple of hours.  We all enjoyed a chicken dinner, before the Morris family went home to put the young ones to bed.  11.00pm found us continuing to swelter in 35+ degree heat (after the temperature during the day being 42 degrees C, and we went swimming again!!!   We are thankful today, for an early sea breeze, and thus the day seems cooler.  While David, Roxanne and children are in Singapore, we have been looking after their guinea pigs – and with the extreme heat, have continued to have them in our laundry with a fan and iced water bottles!!!

Next Tuesday, the 8th January, will see us meeting again with the consultant plastic surgeon.  Of the twelve (12) lesions removed on the 19th, 5 were SCCs (squameouscell carcinoma) and the other 7 were BCCs (Basil Cell Carcinoma).  Pathology showed that 2 of the 6 lesions removed on the face did NOT have clear margins, AND the biopsy on his nose did prove to be a BCC.  All three spots that will need ‘cutting’ are on the left side of his face/head.  So we soldier on, resting in the knowledge that HE is in control, and will continue to give grace and strength for each day.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you in the gospel as the year unfolds.  We are excited to hear of all God is doing in PNG especially but all over the world.

Love in Him, Doug and Bev