Dear friends and family

You will remember that we sent out an e-mail last month regarding a Suzuki Vitara for sale at our base in PNG for K28,900 (around $15,000 AUD). Recently the owner of that vehicle wrote to us and said, “I have a Suzuki Vitara for sale. We put it on the market for K28,900 (that is around US$ 9700 or AU$13,5009), but for you I would sell it for the price of US$6,700 or AU$9340. Of course, you need to see the car yourself and drive it, but just want to let you know what options you have.”


It is, of course, the same vehicle and we really appreciate him reducing the price for us. We won’t need to make a decision on it until we get there, and as he said, “see the car yourself and drive it.” We are definitely interested and we have attached a picture of it. Please pray with us regarding this vehicle.

With love from
David and Wendy