Paul is performing a ground up restoration on one of our planes. Check out the scary looking picture! Guys, this means everything from the engine to the tail comes off, is taken apart, assessed, and then rebuilt or replaced with a new part! I gotta say, I am very impressed with my hubby’s talent!



1. Development Director.

This is not a pilot nor a mechanic — it’s a person to represent UIMA and help with fundraising.

2. Director of Operations.

This is a specialized position that I can’t really explain too well, so will you please just pray with us for this man to hear our need and come?

Mission Aviation Day

We don’t have enough staff to carry this event off well, so we had to cancel the 2016 event

FURLOUGH: June 2016

We are in the thinking process now Early next year we will be lining up our route and filling in dates to be visiting with many of you. We will have a short 2 months to fit many meetings and miles into. We sure do appreciate your prayers as we work out details.

Our family

  • We are involved in the Living Nativity again. Laurel is directing and Paul is her awesome set builder & fire keeper. Our cast of over 50 people share the story of Christ…from the prophecy of Isaiah to the empty tomb! Pictures from last year’s event are on Facebook if you would like to see.
  • Bethany comes home on the 15th for a month! We are all excited and so thankful for a special gift that came in to make this possible.
  • The rest of the kids are doing great. Gabriel’s feet have gotten better so we are holding off on anything further. Matthew is finishing a full semester of 11th grade plus 3 college classes. Miriam can now do sit-ups and pushups correctly thanks to a great PE teacher. Jesse is fully grown (so she thinks). At least she still likes to hold my hand and snuggle!


Because of your partnership and the Holy Spirit moving in you, together we can reach indigenous people groups, using aviation, to impact their lives for eternity! Go to our Flight Fund page to learn about how we reach the unreached in Mexico.

 Our support level has come back up! Thank you so much for responding to our needs. We are still not at 100% but that lets us see God’s hand of provision even more.

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Merry Christmas from our family ~ wishing you, and your family, joy in Jesus

The Timblins