A very merry Christmas to all!

Dear friends,

It has been a while since we have written a newsletter, mainly because there has not been a lot of excitement here. A good place to live if you like the peace and quiet Smile. But there has been some excitement on the Gemfields lately. Our home group at Anakie has been growing with a few people coming from Sapphire and Rubyvale. A man who has a rare blood disease came to know the Lord and is growing spiritually. A ‘Shed Happens’ has started at Rubyvale and quite a few men from the area have been coming. The idea is that men can tell their stories or share their problems without the fear of it becoming gossip. We feel that the Lord is doing a work in the area.


At the Willows itself we still enjoy a good relationship with the people and doing voluntary work in the community but there is not a lot of interest in Spiritual things.

A big concern for us right now is the Benabena church. As you know we spent many years there in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and there was the beginnings of a church. But there has not been missionaries there for a long time now and they are desperately in need of teaching and encouragement. Please pray for them. There has been some improvement in Wendy’s health and we are wondering if the Lord would have us go back there. Please pray that if it is His will for us to go back that He will open up the way for us.

With love from
David and Wendy