Dear Friends,

It is now a week since we were in at the hospital. Friends offered to drive us in which was a blessing, and we wanted to be prompt for our appointment, only to arrive and be told that two of the doctors had been called into Emergency surgery, and there was going to be a long wait. I did ask the nurse, if it was possible to put some local anesthetic cream over the suture line, which she did. So when we saw the consultant an hour later and he requested the nurse to remove the staples, Doug was quite comfortable throughout. During the removal of the 26+ staples, the consultant came in to tell Mr Doug Croot that again he was a challenge to the medical profession. The pathologist, even after two weeks, was finding it difficult to determine exactly what kind of cancer with which they are dealing, and although they only needed to remove one lymph node, they do want to go ahead and radiate that area of his chin/neck, simultaneously radiating his lung.


We spent the afternoon in the new cancer block of the hospital, having a mould made of his face in readiness for the commencement of radiation – December 30th. We didn’t leave the hospital until after 4.00 (arrived home at 5.20) so it was a long day, having left the house at 9.50.
On the whole Doug is ‘holding his own’ – but gets breathless to walk more that 50 meters.

Last night we had one of the doctors from the hospital here for dinner – and had such a lovely visit. This morning she is flying out to spend Christmas with her family in Ireland. On her return, she is relocating to the east coast of Australia, so we will miss any more opportunities to have her in our home.

I am sure you are like us, running out of days and hours to ‘cross off all the things of our TO DO list’ – but the important things will get accomplished, and we are looking forward to being at least 18 here for lunch on Christmas Day. Before then, we will spend some time at the hospital on Thursday, when Doug will have his last CT scan before the beginning of his treatment, and again on Christmas Eve day, when I presume we will find out the exact day of the commencement of the chemotherapy.

We did manage to have a “family get together” last Tuesday (three of the men were unable to come) but four sisters and all 12 of their children were together for a delightful meal and gift exchange. Last Saturday, our church held a “Carols by Candlelight” and Renee sang “O Holy Night” and it was a thrill to have her share that evening. So the days have slipped by, and here we are once again, to tell you how much you and your prayers mean to us. God is good – ALL the time, and we rest in HIM, knowing that our times are in His hands.

Much love and many thanks,

Doug and Bev