I wanted to write you all one last time this year to thank you for your prayers and support, your friendship and love. I was on a road trip from Oct 9 – Nov 20. Here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • Travel time: 42 days
  • Miles (km) traveled: 8,550+ (13,750+ km)
  • $ for gas: approx. $1100 
  • States & Provinces visited: 16
  • Sites visited: Green Gate Bridge (Vancouver), Redwood Forest, Golden Gate Bridge, Hwy 1, Sea Lion Caves, Grand Canyon & Sedona, Window Rock & met a real living Navajo Codetalker from WWII, Bridge to nowhere (Omaha version)
  • Mean custom agents encountered: 1 Canadian lady
  • Bald Eagles seen in the wild: 2
  • Families and friends visited: 50 – every one of them precious!

Happy Thanksgiving! My sister Brenda came with her family and we celebrated our first Thanksgiving together in 5 years! Then came my nephew’s birthday, so it was an extra special holiday. Lord willing, they’ll be back for Christmas.

News from the Brickyard, Chihuahua

Last Friday Vanessa and her team of missionaries, trainees, and lay people all put together a Christmas event for the people of the Brickyard. Edith (Ibarra) Erickson (who used to work with us in the first few years of the ministry) wrote about it:

“We had our Christmas party at the Brickyard early this year. There were around 100 people who came for the Christmas dinner and games that we had. It was a good time for fellowship with ladies who hadn’t come to the Bible Study in years. While some of these ladies have quit coming it is exciting to see the kids who have grown up since the work was started come consistently with their babies/toddlers to the Bible Lessons.”

It is encouraging to hear that God is still at work amongst the team members, and continually reaching out to those at the Brickyard. Please keep praying for Vanessa and Edith and the others, and that hearts would turn to the Lord through their efforts. Thank you for being a part of the work!

I am planning another trip, this time to the southeastern US, from January-February. Please pray for safe travels during the winter months. Pray that God would make me a blessing to those I visit. Thank you!

And have a Merry Christmas and many blessings in 2014.