Dear praying friends,

It is so good to be back “online” after more than a week, with a ‘wonky’ modem.  During the last two weeks, Doug has had a chest infection, and a few visits to our GP.  This coming Friday, 14th Dec., Doug will have his pre-admission at SCG Hospital, with surgery scheduled for Wednesday 19th Dec.  Doug has some 9 spots to be cut out on the 19th, and although the plastic surgeon is going to cut conservatively on the 19, he is planning on doing yet another biopsy, on the side of Doug’s nose which may require more surgery, in the New Year. ALSO on Friday  14th, Raewyn will undergo knee surgery.

The Lord gave us a delightful day on Saturday 1st December, when, we as a family, enjoyed together, meals, the Christmas story, gift exchange and much fun.  At least 60% of us also swam – but neither Doug nor I did.  We must have been spoilt by swimming in the tropics, it ALWAYS seems TOO cold for us to swim, here in West Australia.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just over two weeks away.  After being 21 people last Saturday, we will probably only be 12 for lunch on Christmas Day – and then in the evening we will spend some time with my (Bev) extended family – down at my brother’s home, which is quite close to the Indian Ocean.  The day after Christmas, Doug’s extended family will be coming here for lunch.  We are so looking forward to seeing family during those two days.

We will be in touch and let you know what the next biopsy results are, and if/when there will be any other surgery.  WE do appreciate each one of you and your prayers.  Love Bev for the both of us.

Doug and Bev Croot