Behind the Front Lines: 2009 Year in Review

I had the privilege of accomplishing so many things. In the spring I was invited to speak at the Scottsdale Community College in their Honors Humanities, World Religion, and Religion in the Modern World classes. This was something way out of my comfort zone and caused me to trust God in a new way. I shared about Thin Blue Line Ministries (TBLM), our work in Honduras, and my own personal testimony. I shared the gospel each time and one student came up to me after my presentation and asked me to pray with her to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior. God also opened the door for me to share again at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, AZ. I was so blessed by their congregation.

In the fall, working as TBLM International Director, I coordinated two crucial trips to Honduras and had the pleasure of speaking with several high ranking officials in the Honduran government. I also spoke with the wonderful women at Child Protective Services for Honduras, the staff at a local orphanage, and people in the community to coordinate Ken Hodgeson’s (TBLM President) schedule. It’s a blessing to play such a pivotal role in TBLM.

As you remember the Honduran (leftist) President was ousted in June by Congress and the country endured great suffering as they fought to stand their ground for a democratic government. This event made it even more challenging to help meet the demands of Ken’s fast paced and ever changing schedule with the military, police, social services, local churches, and orphanages. These meetings opened doors for teams to return to train and work with local staff and children in government institutions.

Last but not least, I continued work in the TBLM office here in the U.S. organizing and preparing for our “big transition”. In the fall Ken announced he is stepping down as pastor from Paradise Springs Community Church after serving as senior pastor for the last 22 years. This decision was made in order for him to work as a full-time missionary with TBLM. As a result the staff and operations will be heavily impacted.

Prayer List

These are all big changes for me and God is teaching me to trust Him at a deeper level. When everything around me is in flux and seems uncertain, He is ever steady and unchanging. Please pray for me:

       That I would trust God and be anxious for nothing

      That I would be sensitive to His Spirit as He leads and I would be quick to obey

       For fundraising opportunities

       For my monthly financial support

       New TBLM location


With Faith,