Dear friends,

Thank you to all who wrote and said they were praying for Doug on Wednesday 19th, and thank you to those who have written and asked after Doug since he had his surgery.  I was SO tired last night when I got home, I only emailed our daughter in PNG… then, this am I left home at 6.15 so I could be at the hospital to help Doug with his breakfast.

He was discharged this noon – so we are both back home…

It was a L-O-N-G day yesterday – leaving home at 9.00, and not returning ‘til almost 9.00 in the evening.  Doug had quite a wait before going into surgery…  then the surgery was just 1 ½ hours long … then almost that much time in recovery, because of some bleeding, high blood pressure, bad colouring, etc…  However, he is bright and doing well today.

He had 12 lesions cut out…   4 have grafts (the donor site was the top of his left arm)… one lesion had a flap –  some of the others have more than 12 stitches in them!!!  Anyway – he has come through it all, WELL!!!  We will go into the clinic the Thursday after Christmas to get the results of the biopsy they did on the side of his nose….  Quite probably cancer… and I have no idea what kind of surgery it might require – but we will face that bridge when the time comes.

The lesions were on his face, his scalp, his neck and one each on the back of both hands, and one on each of his forearms!!  He is all bandaged up, and reminds me of the story of the pulley, and the bricks!!!

Thank you again for your prayerful interest, and may God bless you and encourage your hearts.

Love in Him, Bev for Doug, too



Doug and Bev Croot