Tom’s second brain surgery

Greetings to all. You all know about Tom’s first brain surgery, but I have not yet told you of his down turn and need of a second surgery. (Read the July 26 update if you want background information about the first surgery.)

Just after I wrote the good news of how great Tom responded after his surgery I received the bad news. About 8 the next morning the hospital called me and told me that Tom had a down-turn and I should come immediately. Lynne White drove me to the hospital right away. During the night all seemed to be fine. At 6 Tom was able to take his medicine for his restless leg. But right after that he became unresponsive. They could not awaken him or get any response from him. That is when they called me.

The neurosurgeon explained that they did further tests, scans, etc., but the tests did not reveal anything. Then they tested to see if he was having any signs of anything else that they could treat him for. However, he had no such signs so the Dr. figured he would have to open up his head again to see what was happening. He asked about permission for that. I told him to do whatever he had to do and signed the paperwork for it.

The surgeon found under one layer in the brain a slow bleeding that he was able to stop. He cleaned up what he could and inserted a better drain tube and closed the opening. The former tube had blocked up. Tom’s response was not great like formerly, but he was responding. The next day he had a very black eye. The nurse said the eye area was the closest place for the blood to go. That half of his face might go black, even down to his neck. The next day his eye was not nearly so black and there was no black further on his face. Tom asked me why they had covered his eye. I said it was not covered but only swollen shut. The first day he could not talk at all as he had a tube in his mouth. I think he was sedated a bit so he would not spit it out. So Sat. morning I called. He was doing ok, so I stayed home all morning, did laundry, etc. and went after lunch and a nap to have a short visit with Tom.

This morning Lynne dropped me off at the hospital about 10 on her way to church. Tom was able to talk though he was still a little difficult to understand. His lips were swollen and kind of crooked. He was given his first drink of juice. Because his lips were not controllable some of it would run down his neck. I read some to him from Arvalee Palmer’s book God plus Nothing and some Psalms. At times I could not tell if he were asleep or awake. But then he might ask me something. He was doing a lot of thinking. He said that he could not think of a trauma to his head when he was first asked. However, now he recalls hitting his head really hard when he stood up under some cupboards. Where? Not at our house but at the big house we stayed in for our family reunion the end of June. From then to the 18th of July when he vomited and the terrific headaches started would be about the time it often takes a hematoma and exceeding bleeding to occur. So that may answer our questions of what caused the bleeding.

He is now able to have some short visits in the ICU if Tom wants to see them. Tom asked me to write today to all of you. We greatly appreciate all your love, prayers, and notes. We do not know how long he will be in ICU and the hospital and rehab. It will be great when he can return home, but for now he is in good hands and receiving the best of care.

Leaning on the Lord and trusting Him,