From AJ:

We are on our fourth day of camp.  The campers of Lauf really enjoy having us and we are just excited to spend time with them!  We worship every morning and each day it gets more passionate.  The theme of camp is The Love of God. We continually get to share about the life of Jesus and how God loves each and every one.

 We need pray for strength because the days are long and we are only getting about 5 to 6 hours of sleep a night. Also, Robby has hurt his knee and has not been able to play in our games.  Our last game we won 78-70 and did a funny skit about Jesus beating sin.  Jordon Stutts then shared the Gospel and the people listened intently.  We are praying it planted seeds.

From Robby

The trip has been great so far! I am having a blast here in Germany with the host family and the team. Judah and I are grouped together in Hersbruck. The host family has been amazing and incredibly hospitable. It’s been fun in Lauf with the basketball camp and the games and the German leaders. It has been an unbelievable time with the kids and sharing the Gospel. 

Cheers from Lauf’s NRB Camp! (this picture was taken right after the pain-station)