Good morning! I pray this is a joyful morning for you, as it is for me!

Today I celebrate 1 year in Monte Plata. Praise God!! I want to share a blog post with you all in which I try to describe my feelings about the past year and the upcoming year in Monte Plata. I am so thankful for the support of each and every one of you and I thank God for you this morning. You all are a large part of my journey here.

Una Maestra con Una Misión – 1 Año

Please continue to pray for us. Today is our first day as an extended-day school. We are the only school in Monte Plata that is offering full-day school for our students this year (8:00-4:00 instead of 8:00-12:30). As you can imagine, this is an exciting but difficult transition for our students and staff. We are thankful for your prayers from afar as we adjust!

We are reporting fewer new cases of the Chikungunya virus in Monte Plata, however the effects of the virus are still felt all over town. People are walking slower, staying sick for longer, and have much less energy as they live in constant pain. Please continue praying for recovery!

As always, please let me know if I can pray for you or your family specifically! I love to hear how you are doing!

In Christ,