Dear Team members,

WOW, TIME SURE DOES FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t believe it has been 50 YEARS this month that our missionary journey started!!!!!!!!! So here is a bit of a History lesson SmileIn July of 1963 Charlie entered the Air Force. We lived three years in Biloxi Mississippi. It was there, our lives changed all because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Charlie got an early discharge from the Air Force to pursue becoming a minister. So, 50 years ago, in August of 1966 we started Bible School in Chattanooga Tennessee. While there, our future was redirected and our hearts were challenged for overseas ministry to work with the unreached in places like Papua New Guinea where so many language groups do not have any of the Word of God in their language, some who have not even seen a white person. Well, our direction later changed a bit, as after our Missionary training with New Tribes Mission in Ontario Canada and then our Language School Training in Missouri, we were asked to consider going to help in the New Tribes Language School in Australia for two years. Well, that ended up being 34 years, with five of those years being in New Zealand as the Language School moved there for a few years. Charlie was a linguist, and though we did not get to serve in Papua New Guinea, we did have a part in training folk from Australia, New Zealand, Korea, England, Germany, and Fiji, who themselves have been used of the Lord around the world. I often laugh, as Charlie was the one with a proper degree, Graduate of Theology, and I had a PHT Degree – Pushing Hubby through Degree Smile WELL, we did do it together!

At this writing, I am nearing the end of my radiation treatments – 30 in all, which should finish on August 10th. The biggest problem I am having right now is the burning of my skin and irritation from the radiation. A week after I finish radiation, I start taking a medication which I will be taking for five years! It is CRAZY, the drug costs $700 A MONTH, but the generic is $4 A MONTH. Guess you know which one we will opt for!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every three weeks until December 1st I will still be having an IV infusion of Herceptin down in Orlando at the Oncology Clinic I go to. I have been gaining strength back and am able to more around the house. I still have to listen to Charlie (my police officer) to slow down as I still tend to overdue things and then crash! I am sleeping some better, but Charlie still is not sleeping real well. We both so appreciate your prayers and your love to us!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we have walked this cancer journey, at times it feels like an epidemic knowing personally or hearing of folk with cancer – Teresa, Linda, Mary, Deanna, Mardi, Paula, Kim, Christine, Sandy, Rachelle, Joyce, Barry, Larry, John, Kay, Liliana, Sonia, Janet, and the list goes on with so many other folk unwell. We rejoice that many of them know the Lord. Some of us know Him personally, and we trust those who do not will see Christ through our lives and our verbal testimony and will desire Him as their Savior – THE HOPE OF LIFE!

We would like to zero in on the tremendous staff we have here at out New Tribes Mission Retirement Center – centre for our Australia friends Smile They give of themselves above and beyond the call of duty!!!!! Many of our staff have needed to return to the USA for health needs in their family or their extended family, or for other reasons. Having changed their ministry Stateside, their financial support has gone down, as many feel they are not missionaries any more Frown THEY TRULY ARE MISSIONARIES!!!! THEY FAITHFULLY serve the Lord by caring for those of who are now retired and who themselves faithfully served the Lord. It also means the children of these retired missionaries, who are serving overseas, do not have to come home to care for their parents. They know they are being cared for with love and compassion. Please be praying for our staff, for the Lord to give them extra strength and encouragement day by day.

Again, we thank the Lord for your love, care and encouragement to us not only today, but for many of you over the past 50 YEARS!!! Truly we are laborers TOGETHER with the LORD, OUR HOPE!!

With ever so much Love,

Charlie & Cherrie

CHERRIE’S MUSINGS: I have a few little figurines from “Willow Tree” which I really enjoy! I have one of a little child holding up what looks a bit like a balloon with the word “hope” in it. Recently, as I went into our living room, that particular figurine had fallen down! Immediately I set it back up, because I have HOPE that has not fallen down !!! MY HOPE is secure in my Savior, Jesus Christ and His Word which NEVER FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That same morning as I was talking to my neighbor and friend, Jana Price, and she shared a verse that encouraged her from the Message – “I’ve pitched my tent in the land of hope.” Wow, I had only a few minutes before that, set my little child back up, knowing I have pitched my tent – my life – in the land of HOPE. God is so GOOD at encouraging our hearts!!!!!!!!!! We trust Him to encourage you also!!!!!!!!!!