Hi again, Friends!

School is underway here at Lapilo. Classes at Numonohi Christian Academy started on July 29 so we’ve already had a week and a half of school. Michael (12th), Katie (9th), and Cara (8th) enjoy seeing their friends each day and learning from an outstanding group of teachers. For some reason, they have us teaching along with them. Becky is teaching two sections of Spanish 1 and is enjoying very much her 21 students. Although he is not really working in the school anymore, Neil is still able to teach Grade 12 Bible which he is really happy to be able to do.


Since we are short an English teacher this year, Michael and Katie are having to do their English classes via distance education. Keep praying for more teachers to come join us here at NCA, as they would much prefer a real live teacher and not a correspondence course! Next year, in particular, we are going to be in great need of a science teacher and two or three elementary teachers (among other needs). If you are interested in teaching great MK’s like these…

…then please let us know! Not only would you have the chance to teach wonderful students, but you would also be a part of what God is doing in this country. Speaking of that…

This is the last week of the chronological teaching going on among the Tangguat people. At the end of this week, the Gospel will be presented among them!

Would you please be in prayer for these people, who have already been under the conviction of the Holy Spirit? Below is an update written by Tim and Tiffany Lanier who are helping the Inapang (neighboring language group) Bible teachers present God’s good news.

Please read on, be blessed, and above all please pray for what God will do among them this week!

Thanks for being part of the team,
Neil, Becky, Michael, Katie, and Cara Burleson

There is excitement and anticipation in the air among the Inapang believers. Men are gathering to practice the Crucifixion drama one last time… Ladies are planning when they will begin the hike… This week begins the final week of the evangelistic Bible teaching in Tangguat!

This week the Tangguat people will hear the climax of the story as they hear of the Lamb of God that has come to take away the sins of the world and that He shed His blood and the final sacrifice was made. But God…. The grave cannot contain Him and He will rise Victorious!! Death and Sin is conquered and there is Hope!!

This last week the Spirit continued to move and convict people of the truth of their lost state, bound by Satan, sin and death. One story that seemed to especially strip them bare before their Maker was the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). The people were struck with the ultimate desolation, despair and torment of hell. The people were saying, “Oh! We are just like this. We have been putting our trust in money and hope for things on this ground (life).” The Bible teachers watched as people began to weep as they listened to this story while others were looking out with despair in their eyes. The prominent Cult leader that has been attending the teaching continued to slump over in despair as he listened. When the lesson was finished, he slowly walked to the front and took up the picture illustrating this story and told the story again and exhorting the people to listen to what the Bible teachers had taught them.

And our place in this battle is on our knees. Please pray this week for the Inapang men and women that will be living out the Great Commission as they carry the Gospel to Tangguat. Please pray for our expat team as we support them in this. Last week, Kletus (a church elder) stood up in church exhorted the believers saying, “This work to Tangguat… who is the one in front (leading) this work? It is God! And He has given this work to us. Tim, Tiffany and Promise… they are members of this church and they are helping us in this, but this work is ours… it is the church’s work to take the Gospel to Tangguat!”

The Lord continues to astound us as He uses His Word to convict the Tangguat people and lead them to Himself as the Redeemer… and as He continues to strengthen and equip the Inapang believers as they faithfully live to honor Him. We hope you will pray with us this week and that you can rejoice with us as God continues to Redeem people and make them His children to the ends of the earth.

FINAL Week 15 Bible Lesson Themes:
Monday: Last Supper
Tuesday: Jesus’ Arrest and Trial
Wednesday: Crucifixion
Thursday: Resurrection and Ascension – Drama – Showing Last Supper through the Resurrection

By His Grace and for His Glory,
Tim and Tiffany Lanier
Noah, Micah and Anna