We arrived in America!

We were grateful to be reunited with some family and friends and can’t wait to see more. We are now in Idaho, getting ready to help my parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and then plan to drive to Fullerton, CA where we can be close to Mikayla while she attends her final semester at BIOLA University. We feel blessed to have this opportunity to re-connect with family and friends, and we are extremely grateful for the Lord’s provision of a car and house to live in.

The outreach to the village of Yano is underway!

On the second Sunday of June, we prayed for the little evangelistic team made up of Kifeson & Emiyas (along with their 4 young children) and two young men, Upe and Alison. Two days later the group made the full day hike from our village to Yano to teach a class of people how to read and write in preparation for teaching a three month long Creation through Christ overview of the Bible. Two weeks later I made the same hike to Yano, eager to discover how things were going. I was very happy to discover the evangelistic team had received an enthusiastic welcome which included a hut to live in and land to plant a garden. Kifeson and the team proudly showed me what they had already accomplished in the literacy class (pictured above).

Please pray…

  • Please pray for the evangelistic outreach to Yano over these next months. There are several potentially huge interruptions, one of which is a group who is demanding money and pigs from one man, saying he was responsible for an evil spirit that caused a man to get gored to death by a pig. Please pray the Lord turns their hearts from fear of the jungle spirits and will give them a strong confidence in the work Jesus did on their behalf.
  • Please pray for Mikayla as she continues to struggle with ongoing back pain while in college. Pray the Lord shows us how to help her while we are here in the USA.
  • Please pray for our co-workers, John & Jessi George, as they continue learning the Hewa language and culture. They hope to be fluent enough to join us in teaching & translation when we return to Hewa next year.
  • Please pray for continued safety as we travel many miles to try to meet with family and friends.
  • Pray the Lord will raise up many more workers for the harvest field.

Thank you for your love and prayers! We deeply appreciate your part in reaching out to the Hewa tribal people with the Love of Jesus. Thank you!

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna